Danish Man Convicted of Telling Web Users Where to Download Popcorn Time

A Danish man has been handed down a six-month conditional sentence for merely sharing information about Popcorn Time, the once-popular torrent-based streaming client that was targeted for extermination by copyright lawsuits . Read More >>

How a Mail-Order Music Scam Taught Me to Steal

It’s hard to say exactly when I learned how to steal music. At first, I think it happened when I learned how to torrent. Then I recall my late nights with Napster. But if I really think hard about it, I remember school days and Columbia House and an incredible eight CDs for a penny deal. That’s when I started stealing. Read More >>

This Short Doc On How Napster Changed Everything is Worth a Watch

The New York Times' Retro Report series has an excellent new short documentary video about the rise of Napster. Remember the year 2000? We were such pirates back then. Read More >>

Warner Bros. Fights Piracy with an Army of Bots that Mimic Humans

Thanks to an $80 million lawsuit between Hotfile and the MPAA, a judge ordered Warner Brothers to unseal records that explained the inner workings of their super-secretive system to take down pirated content. Now, the secret's out, and the secret is "robots". Read More >>

Meet Onionshare, the File Sharing App the Next Snowden Will Use

A small software app called Onionshare offers the most secure file sharing available. So why hasn't anyone heard of it? Well, mostly because it was released with just a tweet from its creator, and you have to go to Github to download it. But don't let its underground status fool you—this is a very important app. Read More >>

The Great Firewall of Cameron Won’t Just Block Porn

New details have emerged about our dear Prime Minster David Cameron's plan to force through a UK internet censorship system to protect our children. The supposedly "default on" plan won't just stop at porn blocking; file sharing, gambling, social networks, and all sorts of other stuff are also being blanket targeted. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Stuff From Right Inside a Torrent

BitTorrent's always got something cooking, from a streaming video protocol that never overloads, to a neat little private cloud storage system. Now the company's invented a new kind of torrent that lets content creators pack their own little store right inside. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Is Now the World’s Number 1 File Sharing Site

While The Pirate Pay is certainly notorious, it's always oddly lingered in the mid-table when it comes to real-world file sharing. No longer, though: according to fresh analysis by Torrent Freak, the site has now sailed into the top spot as the world's most-used file sharing site. Read More >>

BitTorrent’s New Trick: Letting You Send Terabyte-Sized Email Attachments

Not too long ago, BitTorrent launched a little project called Sync, that provides practically unlimited cloud storage. Now the professional sharers are rolling out yet another service called "SoShare" that promises to let you easily send huge files to friends an coworkers with little to no hassle. Up to a whole terabyte at the click of a button. Read More >>

Mega is Going to Handle Password Resets Different Than Everybody Else

Right now, Mega, the zombie file-sharing service currently only useful for people with infinite patience and/or dial up Internet, doesn't offer any sort of password reset or recovery system. If you forget your Mega password, you're shit out of luck. That's because the password you use is the master key in decrypting the files you uploaded. You cannot lose that password. For now. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom’s Mega is Now Open to the Public

Mega, Kim Dotcom's big, flashy new copyright-dismantling file-sharing/storage site with encryption up the wazoo has finally launched. You can head on over and sign up right now. That is, so long as the site can hold under the crazy traffic. So far, it looks like it's getting crushed under traffic. Different people are experiencing different things. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom’s New File Sharing Service Users Will Have 50GB Free Storage

Kim Dotcom seems firmly determined to give the megafinger to the Feds and continue with his meganew file sharing megaproject after megaupload was megashutteddowned. He claims his new Mega will give 50GB of storage space to every user. For free. If true, it will obliterate Dropbox and Skydrive. Read More >>

You’re Not Safe Anymore — Identifying Pirates Just Got a Heck of a Lot Easier

Two long-running piracy cases in Sweden have been resolved in the favour of The Man, with ISPs forced to hand over identifying information that could lead to prosecutions for those currently being made an example of by The System. Read More >>