Dropbox Knows When You’re Sharing Copyrighted Files

If you store your important documents on Dropbox, there’s a chance that you might have some copyrighted files up there in the cloud. If those files are copyrighted, they might well not belong to you. If you have those copyrighted files in the cloud, you might want to share them with a friend. That’s when Dropbox steps in and puts a stop to things. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Celebrates 10 Years With a New Blockade Busting Browser

File sharing site The Pirate Bay set sail ten years ago. While the site and its founders have had plenty of legal trouble along the way and like Keith Richards, they refuse to abandon ship. They're marking a decade of file plundering with a typically typo laden decree and a new way to circumnavigate torrent blockades. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Gets Some of His Toys Back to Fund Legal Battles

The notorious founder of file-sharing portal Megaupload was quite pleased about the status of his legal problems yesterday, thanks to the New Zealand high court agreeing to release some of his seized assets so they can be sold to fund his court case. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Declares War on Media With Bigger and Better MegaUpload

Normally when someone starts spouting grandiose claims on the internet they're talking rubbish, but Kim Dotcom has a history of going big. He's about to relaunch Megaupload as a "massive global network" to "turn this world upside down". Now, that's fighting talk, Kim. Read More >>

Landmark Ruling Sees High Court Order BT To Block Newzbin2 In Filesharing Clampdown

The high court has broken ground in the UK, with a first-of-its-kind copyright ruling ordering BT to block Newzbin2 within 14 days. The ruling follows the request of a coalition of Hollywood studios and could set a precedent leading to more filesharing clampdowns. Read More >>