How The Hell Do You Make A Blockbuster As Insane As Mission Impossible: Fallout? We Spoke To Director Christopher McQuarrie To Find Out

For decades, James Bond has been widely considered Hollywood’s pre-eminent undercover agent. But this is wrong - that crown should go to Ethan Hunt, the super spy played by Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible franchise. Now entering its sixth instalment, Cruise has been toying with futuristic gadgets and flinging himself around in death-defying stunts for a decade longer than Daniel Craig has been his nearest rival. Read More >>

This is How the BBC Captures its Unique Wildlife Images

BBC wildlife film-maker John Downer explains how new camera formats have changed the rules of the game. Now new small HD spy cameras can be hidden almost anywhere, allowing him and his team to get unique images that capture the true behaviour of wild animals in a way it couldn't be done before. Read More >>

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Watch These Real-Time Skaters Ride a Stop-Motion World

It's an amazing effect. Filmmaker Russell Houghten combines stop-motion and real-time video in Open Horizons, and not just in alternating sequences. He actually mashes them into the same scene, the same shot, at the same time. I have no idea how he did it but I want to see more. [F-Stoppers via PetaPixel] Read More >>