Vue Plans for Socially Isolated Cinema Return on July 4

The normality of growing increasingly angry over 120 minutes while children litter the floor as you try to watch a film could return on July 4, as that's the date Vue cinemas – backed by a government nod of approval  – plans to reopen the chain for business. But it won't be the same. Read More >>

Film and TV Production is Good to Go as Long as Social Distancing Measures are in Place

A number of industries that ground to a halt during lockdown are slowly starting to reopen this week now that we're in step one of the Prime Minister's exit strategy, and film and TV production is one them. Read More >>

How the Hell Does a VR Film Festival Work?

Cannes, Toronto, Venice… Mitcham?

Pornhub is Debuting a SFW Movie That Isn’t Porn and it’s Free to Watch All Month

Pornhub is going highbrow this month with the debut of Leilah Weinraub's Shakedown - an experimental documentary filmed over 15 years that's being called a "time-based work of art." Read More >>

Why Parasite is the First Climate Movie to Win Best Picture

Parasite, this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, is remarkable. It’s the first film in a language other than English to win the Best Picture award. It features exactly zero white people. It deals explicitly with the cruelties working class people face at the hands of South Korean neoliberalism. It’s equally hilarious and horrifying. And it also painfully and honestly depicts the climate crisis, a first for a Best Picture winner. Read More >>

Johnny Marr Joins Emergency No Time to Die Soundtrack Process

Hans Zimmer does not have vey much time to create a score for the next Bond movie, seeing as the film's out in April and he only got the call to do the score for it a couple of weeks ago, when Dan Romer's music work on No Time to Die went in the bin due to behind-the-scenes troubles with Eon Productions. Read More >>

The Batman Faces Toughest Challenge Yet: Glasgow in February

You probably already know there's a new Batman film coming, because there's always a new Batman film coming, it's like spring or Christmas or death. This next one is called The Batman, to make it even harder to differentiate it from all the other previous Batmans, although there's one small difference Scottish hero fans may enjoy looking out for in this one – some Gotham City scenes are being shot in Glasgow this February. Read More >>

Streaming Movie Service That Costs £1,900-a-Flick Struggles to Find Enough Plutocrats

Members of the jet-set who are too good to mix with the filthy hoi polloi can now pay a $15,000 (£11,500) fee and $2,500 (£1,900) per movie to skip the local Alamo Drafthouse and watch first-run films in the comfort of their gilded estates via Red Carpet Home Cinema, which launched in October. Its reverse-Moviepass business model is not going as well as planned, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Intergenerational Cult Actor Stephen Moore Dies at 81

People all over the internet have been inadvertently revealing how old they are this weekend, in the wake of the death of numerous film and TV pie-fingering British actor Stephen Moore. Read More >>

Odeon Prepares Luxury Dine-In Cinema for London

Odeon is about to further normalise the abysmal modern trend that is the eating of food in the cinema, with the launch of a "Luxe & Dine" variant in London; a multiplex offering posh seats and a full menu of restaurant-style dishes that go way beyond the putting of cheese on Doritos, to create the ideal combined evening destination when there's a new super-hero film out and you've found a person to go with. Read More >>

Ad Astra Is One of the Best Space Movies in Years

Gorgeous spaceships flying deep into space to save planet Earth. Peril in an infinite abyss. Beautifully composed reflections off a helmet. We’ve seen it all before. Even the most futuristic space movies usually feel somewhat familiar and yet Ad Astrathe latest film from director James Gray, does not. It tells a seemingly simple story set in a realistic future with twists and turns that feel completely fresh, while never losing sight of its lead character or lofty themes. It’s one of the best space movies in years. Read More >>

Selfridges Finds Room for Three-Screen Cinema

London shopping destination for the super and nouveau rich Selfridges is opening a cinema in its Oxford Street premises this November, offering three screens' worth of fun for its well-heeled customers to enjoy. Read More >>

Uncharted Just Lost Another Director

The Uncharted movie might be just as cursed as the treasures Nathan Drake keeps coming across. 13 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg has reportedly departed the project, set to star Tom Holland, making him the latest in a string of directors who’ve parted ways with the long-awaited adaptation. Read More >>

We’re Ready to RSVP for Wedding Horror Comedy Ready or Not

Back in June, we got a gander at the first trailer for Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette’s ensemble horror-comedy Ready or Not, about a bride (Samara Weaving) who realises soon after the ceremony that she’s married into a very sick and twisted family – and that she may not survive her wedding night. Read More >>