Insidious: The Last Key Takes the Franchise in Some Surprising (and Welcome) Directions

The fourth film in a horror franchise, released on the first weekend of the new year, is just about the easiest movie to write off ever. And yet, you shouldn’t do that with Insidious: The Last Key, despite it being all of those things. It’s a creepy, unpredictable, and surprisingly heartfelt addition to the franchise—and easily the best film in the series since the first one. Read More >>

The Untitled Cloverfield Movie Will Now Be Out In April

When a major studio movie is supposedly a month away from release and doesn’t have a poster, trailer, or even a title, odds are it’s not going to stay on that release date. And that’s what just happened with the new Cloverfield movie. Read More >>

The Orc Cop Movie Bright Messily Drags Tolkien Into the Modern Age

David Ayer’s Bright is incredibly ambitious. Too ambitious, in fact. It’s an avalanche of conflicting movie ideas all jammed into one. Some of them are fascinating, others familiar, and a few are downright awful. The result is a off-putting hodgepodge that never comes together, but isn’t wholly without its merits. Read More >>

star wars
The Last Jedi’s Porgs are Just Puffins, Which The Film Crew Couldn’t Get Rid Of

Everyone thought the Porgs, those cute lil’ animals from The Last Jedi, were basically space penguins. Turns out they’re actually space puffins, because Skellig Michael (aka Luke’s Island) is so covered with the birds that it was easier for the VFX team to just work with them than try and cut them out of the movie. Read More >>

Data Reveals The Films With The Biggest Gender Gap Between Film Critics

Film criticism is an overwhelming blokey business. According to the data we collected for our recent series of pieces analysing different aspects of film reviewing, of the 842 critics we were able to identify the gender of, 609 are men - that’s around 72%. Read More >>

How To Not Screw-Up Introducing X-Men Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Enormous news for nerds today as Disney has confirmed that it is buying 21st Century Fox for more money than it is possible to comprehend. But leaving aside the important questions around competition law, monopolies and what this signals for Disney's corporate strategy, there's something more important: The X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool and other characters will finally be able to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read More >>

Everything Disney Owns Now it Has Bought 21st Century Fox

Back in November, word came out that Disney had been in talks with 21st Century Fox, with the topic of discussion being Disney buying nearly all of Fox's assets. Well, today that deal has actually gone ahead: Disney now owns Fox. Read More >>

Which Film Critics Are The Most Contrarian? We Used Data To Find Out

Over the last few weeks, here at Gizmodo UK we’ve been digging into the world of film criticism. We’ve found out which films the critics disagree about the most amongst themselves, and we’ve discovered the films at which the critics are most at odds with the general public. And then luckily we’ve also shown that film criticism is a useful thing - as there is a (small) link between review scores and box office takings. Read More >>

Fantastic Beasts 2 Director Offers a Truly Gross Defence for Casting Johnny Depp

The casting of Johnny Depp as the big villain of the Fantastic Beasts franchise has been causing consternation from some Harry Potter fans, due to the ongoing allegations of domestic abuse levelled against Depp by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. Director David Yates has now spoken about the issue directly after it bubbled up again thanks to the movie’s official cast and title reveal, defending Depp in the most awful way possible. Read More >>

Bad Reviews Really Could Hurt A Film At The Box Office

If there’s one thing better than sitting down and watching a good film… it might just be watching a bad one. Look, I know that it is better when films are good - but there is also a certain pleasure to be derived from the bad too. Why? Because hating on films is fun. Who doesn’t like revelling in the absurdity of Geostorm with their friends? Who doesn’t enjoy picking apart Batman v Superman to try to work out exactly why it is such a spectacular failure? Read More >>

The Unverified Yet Believably Silly Reason Why Henry Cavill Couldn’t Shave His ‘Tache for Justice League

No symbol better encapsulates the problems that Warner Bros. is having getting the DCEU off the ground than Henry Cavill’s digitally-removed moustache in Justice League. To be fair, Cavill’s inability to shave the thing off isn’t entirely DC’s fault, but at this point it kinda feels like maybe, just maybe, WB’s cool with this whole ship sinking. Read More >>

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The Post-Apocalypse is a Little Less Bleak When You Have a Beloved Game of Thrones Star on Your Side

The year is 2054, and humanity’s prospects are very bleak in the wake of a devastating virus. London’s become an unstable wasteland of junk peddlers and wild-eyed zealots, but one tough, determined woman keeps it together for her much younger brother—until he’s spirited away by an unknown foe. Read More >>

About ‘That Problem’ In Baby Driver – Can Music Really Help?

If you've seen it - then you know what I'm talking about, right? Thanks to science, I have an answer! Read More >>

star wars
How Did You Get Into Star Wars?

At some point or another, we were all bitten by the Star Wars bug—er—sandflea. We were dragged to a cinema by a cool uncle, handed an N64 controller to play Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer (let’s be kind to those whose first exposure may not have been the original trilogy), or just caught a marathon over the Christmas break. Read More >>

star wars
Andy Serkis Offers Hints About Snoke’s Past in The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi may or may not answer the question of where Supreme Leader Snoke comes from, but it’s likely to explain what makes him tick and why he’s so incredibly pissed off. Andy Serkis, who does the motion-capture performance behind Snoke, is already giving a few hints. Read More >>