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Video Proof That Slow Motion in 4K Makes Everything Look Cooler

Skateboarding, motorcycling, breakdancing, doing gymnastics—all of those sports already look awesome in real time. But if you record them with a Phantom at 1000FPS slow motion in beautiful 4K, they become so epic that you wish life came with a slow motion button too. Watch. Read More >>

A Motion-Stabilised Cloverfield is Awesomely Unwatchable

I bet I can guess the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Cloverfield: "SHAKY CAAAAAM!!" It's so excessive it can be a little bit of a problem, and some endeavoring internet hero tried to fix it. The result is a Cloverfield that's unwatchable in a completely different way. Read More >>

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The Hardest Part of Skateboarding is Not Getting Hit By Your Camera Drone

"Yo dude, it would be badass if we used a quadcopter and a GoPro to get good air footage of ourselves. Dude, don't worry, it's gonna be great." Read More >>

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If You Use a Drone to Film Your Wedding This Is What You Deserve

"Honey, let's not waste money on a human photographer. I know this guy with a quadcopter and a GoPro. Baby, it'll be awesome. No no, I promise. I promise. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? This is gonna be so epic." Read More >>

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This Terrifying Video Shows How Dangerous It Is to Film Tornadoes

As long as there are storms, there will be storm chasers, and the footage they get is always equal parts soul-chilling and awe-inspiring. Yesterday, chaser Brandon Sullivan and his team got a little too close for comfort with one of the many twisters that have ravaging Oklahoma. Read More >>