The National Lottery Celebrates 25 Years by Giving Away Free Cinema Tickets for This Weekend

"What's the link between the lottery and cinema?", is something I know you've not asked and don't care about. Let me tell you. The National Lottery funds the British Film Institute (BFI). The end. Read More >>

There’s Another Amityville Movie in the Works

Forget Freddy and Jason. There’s one horror villain that’s inspired more sequels and spinoffs than any other, and it’s not a masked killer – it’s a goddamn house. Read More >>

Finally, a Climate Change Documentary That Will Get You Excited to Fix It

Whether the audience is policy wonks, nature lovers, or environmental activists, documentaries on climate change still feel like a niche thing in 2019. Which is what makes Ice on Fire, the climate documentary co-produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, so refreshing. This isn’t a film for die-hard vegans or E&E News subscribers – it’s a film for nerds in the broadest sense. And while Ice on Fire does struggle with diversity in its on-screen representation (more on that shortly), its can-do, curiosity-driven framing feels like it’ll cast a wider net than most climate flicks before it. Read More >>

Ridley Scott Still Happy to be “Bread Advert Man”

Hovis is continuing to trade on the back of some old TV advert it had made around 46 years ago, and will be introducing a whole new generation of ITV viewers to the simple delights of classic ad "boy on a bike" this evening. Read More >>

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A New Sci-Fi Short Film Explores the Scarier Side of Mind Reading

Having the ability to read minds might sound tempting, but everything comes with a price. Strip, a new sci-fi short film from Maxwell Addae, explores what could happen if learning how to read minds meant uncovering something terrible in your past... or someone else entirely. Read More >>

OnePlus is Giving an Aspiring Mobile Filmmaker £7,500

It seems OnePlus is in competition mode at the moment. Not long after announcing a big contest to fund 5G app ideas, it's unveiled a new scheme for wannabe mobile filmmakers to get their big break. Read More >>

Digital Film Locker UltraViolet Is Shutting Down

The UltraViolet 'digital locker' for film and TV content will close down on the 31st of July, the service has announced. Read More >>

Streaming Subscriptions Will Overtake Cinema Revenue In 2019

It's finally going to happen: money made from streaming services worldwide will soon be higher than cinema takings for the first time, says a new report from media analysts Ampere. Read More >>

Tom Cruise Is Going To War With A Setting On Your TV

Tom Cruise has gone to war with a lot of things in his career, but the latest is something of a surprise: it's a setting on modern TVs that makes films look a bit rubbish. Read More >>

The World of Roald Dahl Is Coming to Netflix

When you hear titles like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or The BFG, you think of big Hollywood adaptations of Roald Dahl’s literary works. Soon though, you may just think of your Netflix account. Read More >>

At Least We All Have a 70 inch TV Now

John Lewis, the retail chain not the man on Twitter who's about to get busy again, has revealed some stats about the sort of junk the nation buys from it. The headline WTF number is that the size of TVs people purchase continues to grow exponentially, with sales of 70-inch models particularly on the up. Read More >>

Marvel Is Sneakily Adding Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to Its Comics Multiverse

The first pictures of Brie Larson filming as Captain Marvel made waves, not just because they gave us our first look at the character in live action, but because her famous costume came in some surprising colours. But now the new movie suit has officially made its way to Marvel Comics’ canon. Read More >>

Steven Spielberg Made Ready Player One Work in Spite of Itself

Ready Player One was a very divisive book and now it’s a very divisive movie. I’m a fan of Ernest Cline’s love letter to pop culture, although I fully admit it has problems. So I was excited that Steven Spielberg would helm the movie adaptation, though I knew the two would differ. What I didn’t know was how much the film was going to challenge and recontextualise my feelings about the book. Read More >>

Jeff Goldblum Reveals There Was Almost a Version of the Jurassic Park Script Without Dr. Ian Malcolm

Jurassic Park would not have been the same without Jeff Goldblum’s iconic performance as Dr. Ian Malcolm, chaos theory advocate and black leather enthusiast. But though Malcolm’s a character from the pages of Michael Crichton’s source novel, he almost didn’t make it into the film. Read More >>

Man Trapped Head in Cinema Seat

A man visiting the posh seats of a Birmingham cinema endured a nightmare even worse than having to see the latest DC universe film, as his head somehow managed to get stuck in a seat. Read More >>