Snapchat: Yeah, Our End of Slavery Filter Asking Users to Smile to Break Chains Was a Bad Idea

Snapchat received widespread criticism Friday for its Juneteenth filter that prompted users to celebrate the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S. by smiling to break chains. By mid-day, Snap quietly pulled the tone-deaf filter and the company has since issued a public apology. Apparently, this Lens was a beta version that went live by mistake, though I’m not sure if that’s more or less embarrassing. Read More >>

Clear Ceramic Makes This Filter 10x Tougher Than Your Usual Lens Protector

This protective lens filter might look like any other, but it’s got an invisible secret. Making use of a new kind of clear ceramic, it’s ten times tougher than most conventional protective filters, so is virtually guaranteed to keep yours lens perfectly safe. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Internet Filter Fails the Kids, Says Primary School

A primary school using Virgin Media's business internet claims the service is doing a rubbish job of filtering search results, with teachers reporting all sorts of tragi-comic incidents where kids are finding rude stuff while searching for innocent things. Read More >>

New Free Porn Site Promises “100 Per Cent Drama” and no XXX

There's a new porn site on the block you need to know about, as it's one that won't be stopped by any ISP filters. It's called Cameron Porn and everything's safe enough even for viewing inside the prime minister's sexless office. Read More >>

Socks Made with Carbonised Coffee Will Make Your Feet Less Stinky

Plain white socks these are not. The Atlas sock is a performance dress sock made from cotton, polyester and carbonised coffee. Carbonised coffee? Yes, it helps filter and absorb sweat and odor. Even more, the sock uses strain analysis, pressure mapping and thermal imaging to create something ridiculously comfortable. Read More >>

How to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter

Along with propagating inane hashtags like #NameYourDickAfterAMovie*, Twitter is also horribly ruthless when it comes to spoiling movies and TV shows. To avoid spoilers, you have to avoid Twitter when a show like Breaking Bad comes on or when a big movie like The Dark Knight Rises comes out. But that's not the only way! Here's how to make your Twitter spoiler-free. Read More >>

What’s the Best Way to Find Porn? Employ 15-Year-Old Boys of Course

In a rare stroke of governmental genius, Pakistan turned to a 15-year-old boy to track down all of the world’s porn sites in an attempt to filter-out smut. Proving no one is better at hunting down porn than teenagers, young Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah managed to index almost 780,000 sex sites in just six months – now that’s heck of a lot of porn. Read More >>

Want to View Porn On Your Phone? Get a BlackBerry

Looks like BlackBerrys can circumvent the network operator porn filters in the UK and Ofcom's not exactly happy about it. Problem is, kids in the UK do love their BlackBerrys, and kids and porn shouldn't mix; so RIM's been called to a summit to discuss the issue. Read More >>