Instagram is Ditching Face-Changing Filters Because That’s Your Mug and You’ll Like It

Instagram is forcing you to make do with the face you were born with, so if you want to indulge in filters, go elsewhere. Read More >>

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Accidental Kitty Cat Filter Undermines Pakistani Minister’s Serious Livestream

No, Shaukat Yousafzai is not a furry. The regional Pakistani minister just happened to be on the wrong (perhaps right?) end of a social media snafu. During a press briefing that was streamed on Facebook Live, an AR cat filter was left on, leaving Yousafzai with dainty pink ears, whiskers, and a bit of a blush. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Dumb New ‘World Lenses’ Feel Like Magic

Snapchat is about to get way more fucking adorable. The company just launched a major update today introducing its highly anticipated “World Lenses” feature, giving people the ability to drop digital 3D objects into real world scenes. Although the feature is undoubtedly augmented reality (AR), Snapchat curiously does not mention the phrase in its official announcement. Read More >>

Smog-Filtering Screens Will Make Our Polluted Future Slightly More Tolerable

As our newly-elected leaders do everything they can to roll back environmental regulations, the future is looking more and more like a smog-filled dystopia. But not all scientific progress has ground to a halt. Scientists at National University of Singapore have created a transparent smog-filtering window screen that could make our lives a little less wheezy. Read More >>

Internet Filters Probably Don’t Protect the Kids

Relying on the internet filter to nanny your children isn't the best way of protecting them from the worst the internet has to offer, as a group of academics have found there's only a "dubious" benefit to having the technology policing your connections. Read More >>

A Promising New Method For Cleaning Up the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water remain sitting around the site of the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan. But scientists can’t simply dump the liquid into the ocean, and if it continues sitting around, it could seep into the soil. Read More >>

Sky Broadband Porn Filter Now Activated for All New Joiners

Late last year, Sky said it was planning on activating its Broadband Shield, AKA the dread porn filter, for all new customers by default. As in, rude stuff shouldn't appear by accident now when trying to show your grandma photos of your lovely day trip to walk up Bodmin Moor's Brown Willy. Read More >>

Facebook’s Filtering Scunthorpe-Related Posts Because of the C-Bomb

Poor Scunthorpe. As if its ugly-sounding name and lousy football club weren’t enough for its inhabitants to put up with, they also face a seemingly never-ending battle against web companies. It’s emerged that Facebook has been banning users from promoting posts about the North Lincolnshire town, due to a rather offensive string of four letters. Read More >>

Sky Sets Porn Filter to Maximum Prude for New Customers

The talk about porn filtering the content of the nation may have died down now that there are more serious internet things to worry about, but the ISP division of Sky still hopes that having a filtered version of the internet appeals to some -- as it'll be switching its porn content filters to yes/on/maximum by default for all new customers in 2016. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Internet Filter Fails the Kids, Says Primary School

A primary school using Virgin Media's business internet claims the service is doing a rubbish job of filtering search results, with teachers reporting all sorts of tragi-comic incidents where kids are finding rude stuff while searching for innocent things. Read More >>

TalkTalk Joins Auto-Block Porn Filter Team

No bad internet for you unless you phone reception and ask, as ISP TalkTalk has joined the others in implementing its HomeSafe adult filter across all internet user accounts. Read More >>

Sky Sets Broadband Shield Porn Filter to Default On

The broadband division of Sky is looking to earn some brownie points from the anti-porn brigade, announcing a plan to set its Broadband Shield content filter to ON -- unless you've specifically turned it off. Read More >>

Bill Gates Enjoys a Lovely Glass of Recycled Human Waste

Here's Bill Gates getting excited about a thing called a Janicki Omniprocessor -- a clever miniature processing station that turns sewage into water, electricity and harmless ash to use as a fertiliser. We'll drink (Coke from a can) to that. Read More >>

A Slim Filter That Purifies Water Bottles From the Inside

You can be relatively certain the water inside a bottle is clean and pure when you first open it, but what about when you refill it from a tap or drinking fountain? That's where a water filter can help prevent you from getting sick, or just save your taste buds. And few look as easy to use as the WaterBean, which slips into a bottle and purifies the water with a few seconds of shaking. Read More >>

Shock Horror, Brits Don’t Want to be Cut Off From Their Porn

Remember how David Cameron thought filtering porn from the internet was a brilliant idea? Everyone said it wouldn't work, and it turns out they were right since less than 10 per cent of Sky, Virgin Media, and BT customers actually chose to leave the filters active. Read More >>