Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Escape £2.8 Million Debt – and the Story Only Gets Worse From There

China has a debt problem. More specifically, Chinese citizens are suddenly drowning in debt after the country opened the door to personal lending in 2014. Now people are borrowing money so recklessly that at least one woman literally rearranged her face in order to avoid paying back her £2.8 million debt. It almost worked, too. Read More >>

Giffgaff’s Free Chrome Plugin Translates Money Jargon To Actual Words (In Theory)

If we were going to guess which brand made a free Chrome plugin to automatically translate money jargon into plain English, phone network Giffgaff wouldn't be in our top 50. Read More >>

An £55m Bank Hack Has Been Blamed on Cheap Routers

Sometimes it pays to spend. The central bank of Bangladesh has found that out the hard way, as police are blaming its loss of the equivalent of £55m during a hack on cheap routers worth about £7. Read More >>

Apple Said To Be Developing a Person-to-Person Payment Service

According to a new report, Apple is said to be in discussion with banks to build a person-to-person payment system that would allow people to transfer money between phones without the need for cards or checks. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is Giving $200M of His Twitter Stock to Staff

Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey has enough cash to go round. So much so, in fact, that he’s announced that he’s giving one-third of his stock holdings in the social media company to his employees. Read More >>

The First Licensed US Bitcoin Exchange Opens Today

The bitcoin service provider Coinbase is set to make history later today: it's going to launch the first licensed US exchange for the currency, approved in 24 jurisdictions around the country. Read More >>

Hackers are Gaming the Stock Market With a Simple Approach

A team of sophisticated hackers with insider trading ambitions has been targeting executives at over 100 organisations for over a year. While their hacking techniques aren't all that sophisticated, they appear to have a deep understanding of the investment banking industry. Read More >>

Apple Execs Sold Off $143 Million of Stock Before iPhone 6 Launch

Apple execs, including Tim Cook, sold off a total of $143 million (£87.7m) of stock in the days leading up to the iPhone 6 launch, which, totally coincidentally, was right when Apple stock was at an all-time high. Read More >>

Circle is a Free and Approachable Bitcoin Bank for Everyday Folks

Bitcoin services don't perhaps have the best of track records right now, and they can often appear niche and daunting. Circle hopes to change to change that,though, by offering a free and accessible Bitcoin banking service for everyday folks. Read More >>

Mt. Gox Gives Up and Files for Liquidation

The failed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has given up on its plan to rise from the ashes under bankruptcy protection. Instead, according to the Wall Street Journal, it's asked a Tokyo court for permission to be liquidated. Read More >>

Why the Future of Bitcoin Depends on the Silk Road Trial

Over the weekend, Ross Ulbricht's lawyer, Joshua Dratel, filed a motion asking the court to dismiss all charges against the Silk Road kingpin. It's largely what you'd expect from a bullish defence attorney. But here's the twist: Dratel throws Bitcoin under the bus. Read More >>

Man Wins 16-Year Battle to Prove a Point Over Laptop Credit Agreement

A long-running battle between Richard Durkin and PC World has finally been resolved, with the electronics chain agreeing to pay £8,000 in compensation over a credit agreement that turned bad. Shame it cost Durkin around £250,000 in legal fees, though. Read More >>

Rooftop Lasers are the Next Big Thing For High-Speed Trading

Lasers, originally developed by the military, are now being employed by high-frequency traders looking for even faster ways to do business, beaming trading data across the sky. Read More >>

A Guide to Bitcoin Legality in Different Countries Around the World

Americans are spoiled—at least where Bitcoin's concerned. While people are free to mine, spend, and speculate on Bitcoin freely in the States, citizens of other countries aren't so lucky. Read More >>

What Will Kill Bitcoin First?

Almost exactly two years ago, Wired published a feature about Bitcoin, comparing the cryptocurrency to "overhyped Silicon Valley IPOs." The headline read, matter of factly, "The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin." While the magazine was right about the rise, the fall is still to come. Read More >>