Marine Bore-Ologists Surprisingly Recommend Eating Fish Fingers

People with swimming-pool-hair who smell of wetsuits from the Marine Conservation Society are usually telling us not to eat the few kinds of nice fish there are, instead telling us that only raw squid is OK to eat and even then not with chips or sauce or anything nice. But not this time. They have, incredibly, just come out in support of the fish finger. Read More >>

Angry Kid Chops Own Finger Off in Smartphone Spite Fury

A Chinese boy in the midst of a domestic about mobile phone use came up with a quite brilliant way to stop his dad shouting at him -- chopping his own finger off in a rage of spite. Read More >>

It’s a Real Tragedy If You Can’t See the Genius Behind Tiny Rubber Finger Feet 

Seattle’s Archie McPhee, and its online store, are packed full of thousands of gags, toys, and novelties that will make you ask “why?” But if you can’t see why a pair of tiny rubber feet you can wear on your fingers are pure genius, then you have clearly let your inner child slip away. Read More >>

Scientists Finally Figures Out How Pruney Fingers Work

The science world's understanding of pruney bathtub fingers is shockingly thin, especially considering every great mind the world over has probably experienced it firsthand. Finally, German physicists have uncovered the mechanism that lets your fingers go all shrivelled, then bounce right back to normal. And that understanding could revolutionise the materials we make. Read More >>

AnyGlove’s “Secret Goo” Turns Normal Gloves into Capacitive, Touch-Friendly Techno Gloves

Given that the UK's chaotic new weather systems seem to involve us wearing gloves all the way up to September's surprise 110-degree heatwave, there might be quite a market for AnyGlove. It's a liquid you dribble on your wool-covered fingertips so soft fabric gloves work on a touchscreen. A much more elegant solution than poking your phone with a sausage. Read More >>

Wrinkly foot
Why Do Your Fingers and Toes Look Like Wrinkly Prunes In Water?

Ever wondered why your fingers and toes magically look like a wrinkly prunes when you're in the bath? Apparently it's all to do with gripping slippery objects. Oh, and it's nothing to do with absorbing water, either. Read More >>

Please Don’t Ever Make the “Hashtag” Finger Gesture

You know that "quote" thing people do in the air with their fingers? There's a move afoot to introduce a similar thing for illustrating Twitter hashtags, letting fashionable media types add a "hashtag" to their conversation without actually having to say the word. Read More >>

A Sumo’s Fingers May Matter More Than His Weight

Sumo wrestlers: they're huge. The huger the better. End of story, right? Read More >>