Fireman Sam Has Been Scrapped as the Mascot for Lincolnshire Fire Brigade for Putting Women off Joining

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service is replacing Fireman Sam with anthropomorphic fire extinguishers after concerns he was deterring women from following their dreams of becoming firefighters. Read More >>

LFB’s Crappy Engine Dispatch Software Is Playing With Fire, Says BBC

The dispatch software used by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) is dangerously unreliable, according to a damning investigation by the BBC. Read More >>

London Fire Brigade Outs the City’s Worst Lifts

Avoid Barking's Earlsdown House if you value your time, as the lift there has been outed as the one Londoner's are most likely to get stuck in. The fire brigade has been called out 22 times to get people out of its jammed mechanisms. Read More >>

@999 Please Help My Router is Melting

The London Fire Brigade is considering letting us use Twitter to make 999 emergency requests, seeing as we're all too engrossed in staring at our phones to bother actually making a proper phone call. Read More >>