Amazon’s Got a Faster Kindle Fire HDX and a Fleet of Tiny Tablets

Last year, Amazon's Kindle tablets really grew up. They got fantastic and stylish new design, and a software update to back it up. This year, Amazon's trotting out a new 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX with faster guts. You won't find a 7-inch version if that's what you're looking for, but Amazon does have some staggeringly cheap new Kindle Fire HDs to take its place for just £79 a pop. Read More >>

Amazon Approves of You Using Netflix on Kindle Fire and Fire HD

Bought Amazon's Kindle Fire but would still rather use a Netflix account to access your streaming films? That's handy, as Netflix UK has just pushed its Android app out to Amazon users. Read More >>

Amazon’s Fire HD Dumps Google For Fling With Bing

As well as skinning Android 4.0 with its own custom interface so it's completely unrecognisable, Amazon's also tweaking the way its new tablets access search by dumping Google for... Bing. Read More >>