Amazon’s £50 Fire Tablet is The Impulse Buy That Never Ends

Every product Amazon makes is designed to sell you something else. It’s an open secret. That’s why the company could lose money on the Kindle Fire—yet still reap a profit. Now, Amazon is introducing the most irresistable moneysuck yet: a £49.99 tablet. Read More >>

It’s Finally Safe to Watch Porn on Your Kindle Fire

Kindle Fires can be great tablets, but Fire OS has always lagged a little behind the Android framework it's based on. Now, Amazon's built-in Silk browser is getting a private-mode update that will make it way easier and safer to watch porn. Read More >>

Amazon Fire HD 6 Review: Finally, a Sub-£80 Tablet Worth Buying

Recently, Amazon made some quiet updates to the Kindle line, including two tiny HD tablets. There's no need to whisper about the Amazon Fire HD 6, though. This colourful little marvel is damned impressive. And at just £79, it's confusingly cheap. Yell it from a mountaintop! Read More >>

Amazon Fire Phone Review: A Shaky First Step

After years of rumours, Amazon's first smartphone has finally been released in the UK, after a couple of months cavorting over in the US. It's unique, it can be fun, it's a pretty decent phone. And you can do better. Read More >>