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Fire and Explosives Make Falling Dominoes Far More Interesting

We’ve been told our entire lives not to play with fire. But whoever coined that expression never stopped to think about how flames and explosions could make falling dominoes even more captivating to watch. Read More >>

Dubai’s Unfortunately Named Torch Tower Won’t Stop Catching on Fire

Some Dubai residents woke up to a familiar sight early Friday morning: flames engulfing an enormous skyscraper. In fact, the fire that spanned 50 of the 86 stories of the massive Flame Tower was all too familiar. The same skyscraper burned in 2015, and the causes appear to be related. Read More >>

Guy Upgrades Toy Firetruck To Start Blazes Instead of Putting Them Out

If you’re going to call something a firetruck, should its sole purpose really be to extinguish flames? That’s like a food truck driving around and disposing of people’s lunches. It just doesn’t make any sense, which is why YouTube’s PeterSripol upgraded a toy firetruck with a functional flamethrower so that at least one the vehicles can finally live up to its name. Read More >>

Grenfell Tower: Here’s What A Fire Scientist Thinks

London woke up this morning to another tragedy. Overnight, the 24-storey Grenfell Tower near Ladbroke Grove caught fire and at the time of writing, there are over 50 people in hospital and 6 fatalities have been confirmed so far. Obviously the full story of what happened is not yet known, but the incident does raise a number of questions: What caused it? Could it happen again? What can we do to prevent future tragedies? Read More >>

Smoking Nottingham Building is Art, Not on Fire

Italian artist Lara Favaretto had an idea for something to do and call art. She's enjoying a run of her latest project at the Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, in which steam is pumped out into the surrounding streets. This probably says something important about life, feminism, war, genital mutilation, Donald Trump and veganism, but to passersby it also says SHIT THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE, so people are calling the fire brigade on some art. Read More >>

Amazon’s Announced Two New Fire Tablets, and Alexa is Coming Along for the Ride

Amazon's been doing really well at this whole 'budget tablet' thing in recent years, so it's no surprise that it just announced two more. Better still, If you were hoping to get your hands on Amazon's Alexa without having to pay for a glorified speaker, you're in luck. The new tablets also come with Alexa built in. Read More >>

A Screaming Mum Sound May Make a Better Smoke Alarm

A study into the world of smoke alarms has found that today's beeping tones are not a particularly engaging alarm for children, who have been taught by society to generally ignore things that beep all the time as they usually stop by themselves or mean something stupid like the dishwasher needs help, so it's OK to go back to sleep when the house is beeping at 3:45am. Read More >>

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Madman Manages to Build 20-Foot Tall Fire Tornado Without Burning Down His Entire Country

Colin Furze, the internet’s favourite inventor who always puts awesome first and safety second, has created what certainly looks like the largest man-made fire tornado ever built. Combining two of nature’s most destructive forces seems like a good idea, right? Read More >>

Worst Wildfires in Chile’s History Have Left Devastation in Their Wake

Over the weekend, the Chilean government ended a state of emergency enacted last month in response to the worst wildfire season in the nation’s history. The fires, which now appear to be dying down, have torched more than 900,000 acres—roughly four times the area of New York City—since January 15th. Read More >>

LFB’s Crappy Engine Dispatch Software Is Playing With Fire, Says BBC

The dispatch software used by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) is dangerously unreliable, according to a damning investigation by the BBC. Read More >>

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Lighting 200,000 Sparklers at Once Creates an Incredibly Satisfying Inferno

The sparklers arms race just made a few hefty strides towards sparklers doomsday as the folks at JoyBlend doubled their previous record by lighting off 200,000 of them at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted your birthday celebration to end in a gigantic apocalyptic fireball, this is how you’d do it. Read More >>

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‘Fire Hazard’ Electric Skateboards Recalled After Two Boards Spew Smoke 

After two reports emerged of Boosted Boards spewing dense smoke from their lithium ion batteries, the company issued a statement urging all riders to stop using the newer second-generation boards. Now, it seems the electric skateboard maker is taking more drastic measures, working with consumer protection agencies in the US and Canada to issue a recall. Read More >>

Watch a Furby Cry Tears of Smoke While It Burns to Hell From the Inside

Furbies are little monsters and I never understood why they existed until today. As it turns out, they’re not useless excuses for a toy, but rather the perfect play thing for a red hot nickel ball. Read More >>

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Slicing Random Things with a Knife Heated Up to 1,000 Degrees Unleashes All Sorts of Fury

There are so many reasons to try this at home tonight: you get to see the metal blade burn that glorious fiery orange red, you get to hear inanimate objects make weird whining sounds as they get sliced open, you get to imagine what spontaneous self-combustion would be like, and in some cases you might even spot what looks like souls escaping from a bar of soap (that’s probably my favourite thing that gets cut). Read More >>

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A Fireplace Full of Burning Samsung Galaxy Note 7s Is the Perfect Way to End 2016

It will be impossible to look back on 2016 without shaking your head in disbelief. So as the year finally draws to a close, there’s no more fitting way to celebrate the holidays than by curling up with a glass of something alongside a crackling simulated fireplace full of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s spontaneously combusting. Read More >>