Australia’s Bushfires Have Likely Doubled the Nation’s Carbon Emissions

A month ago, NASA estimated that Australia’s recent bushfires released 250 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, which is almost half of the country’s yearly emissions. The fires have raged on since then, and shit is getting worse – way worse. New research from scientists with the Global Fire Emissions Database shows that the bushfires likely contributed 900 million metric tonnes of carbon, Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

Whirlpool Recalls its Other Machines That Spin Clothes Round

Poor old Whirlpool, fresh from years of being battered to recall its potentially incendiary tumbedryers, has now crumbled to pressure to recall over half a million of its washing machines over same-but-different fire hazard concerns. Read More >>

Kettering’s Minotaur Wicker Man Burns Ahead of Schedule

A nine-metre wicker man built in the shape of a minotaur has been burnt down, which was the whole idea behind it. Sadly, it was supposed to be set on fire over fireworks night this weekend to amaze and warm hundreds of cold locals, not set to burn on Monday for the private amusements of a handful of arsonists. Read More >>

‘Mass Explosion’ of Bull Semen After Fire at Genetics Lab

A fire in an Australian genetics laboratory has caused 100 cryogenic cylinders containing bull semen to explode, destroying thousands of dollars worth of semen stock, according to Australian news outlets. Read More >>

Magic of Science Starts Essex House Fire

Did you know that boring, sedentary household items can cause house fires too? We don't mean the usual suspects like matches, irons, massive pots of cooking oil, unregulated internet fireworks, 1970s gas heaters, or hair dryers with their power cords taped on. Amazingly, even your bedroom mirror can't be trusted enough to be left alone. Read More >>

Video Shows the Terrifying Drive to Escape Massive Fire in America

The so-called Camp Fire has essentially destroyed an entire town in the US state of California, forcing well over 50,000 people to evacuate. But the fire has moved so quickly that some people have barely escaped—like Brynn Parrott Chatfield from the town of Paradise, who posted this video to social media showing her family’s terrifying drive through the flames yesterday. Read More >>

Truck Full of Lynx Body Spray Catches Fire, Sprays Exploding Cans Everywhere

A semi-trailer truck carrying a shipment of Lynx Body Spray—or Axe, as it's called in America—caught fire near Interstate 35 in the US state of Texas on Friday morning, resulting in cans of the deodorant exploding and spraying across the street. Read More >>

You Can Actually Light a BBQ Using Water

It’s a crucial compound when it comes to supporting life, but water has so many amazing properties that there’s a lifetime of experiments to try with what comes pouring out of your faucets. It’s common knowledge that water is an effective tool for dousing a flame, but did you know that you can use water to start a fire too? Read More >>

US Firefighters Suspended for Allegedly Filming Porn in Fire Station 

The US city of Akron in the state of Ohio has suspended two firefighters after they allegedly filmed a porn video in a fire station, then uploaded the proof of their fiery love life on the internet. Read More >>

Stop Throwing Mobile Phone Batteries in the Bin, You’re Firebombing Bin Lorries

It can be difficult to figure out what to do with your old electronics when you’re ready to move on from them, but here is one thing you should definitely not do: throw them in the bin. Discarded devices powered by lithium-ion batteries are basically fire bombs waiting to explode on unsuspecting sanitation workers. Read More >>

Study: That Airbnb You’re Staying in Might Be a Fiery Death Trap

Before you book your next stay in an Airbnb, check to make sure it doesn’t run the risk of becoming a blazing hot inferno that will lead to your untimely demise—especially if you're taking a jaunt across the Atlantic. A study published in the journal Injury Prevention found an alarming number of Airbnb venues in the US lack basic safety protections that are required of hotels and other lodging options. Read More >>

Fire-Detecting Wallpaper Turns Entire Rooms Into a Better Smoke Detector

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and that’s how most alarm systems are able to detect and warn of trouble. But Chinese researchers have developed a new kind of wallpaper, using ingredients found in bones and teeth, that sounds the alarm when heat and flames are detected, turning every wall in a room into a potential early warning system. Read More >>

Musk’s Flamethrower Looks Like a Toddler’s Toy Next to This Jet-Powered Fire Tornado Cannon

If you weren’t able to scrape together $500 to buy Elon Musk’s fund-raising flamethrower, YouTube’s Jairus of All has a cheaper, DIY alternative that instead spews a massive spinning tornado of fire using a pair of ducted fans and a tank of liquid propane worn as a backpack. Read More >>

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Man Spends Months Building a Giant Sphere of Matches and Then Spectacularly Sets It on Fire

If you glue two matches together, you’ll find the sticks won’t be parallel to each other because the match heads at the top are slightly thicker. If you keep on going, and eventually glue 42,000 of them together, you’ll end up with a giant sphere that produces a fantastic chain reaction of fire when you light a single match. Read More >>

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Alton Towers Combines Wood and Fire for Wicker Man Rollercoaster

Alton Towers has licensed a film to make a ride out of. There's nothing too unusual about this, until you learn what film they're using. It's not Batman. It's not Spider-Man. It's the Wicker Man. There's going to be a Wicker Man rollercoaster, complete with massive burning effigy. Read More >>