Instagram is Censoring Vape Speech

Instagram announced on Wednesday that it will begin enforcing bans on influencers promoting “goods such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons” in branded posts. Read More >>

Man Accused of Using Drone to Airdrop Explosives Onto Ex-Girlfriend’s Property

Prosecutors have accused an autoworker of using a drone to drop bombs on his ex-girlfriend’s home in Washington Township, in the US state of Pennsylvania. Read More >>

US Police Officer Sues Gun Classifieds Website Over Firearm Used to Injure Him

On the morning of 8 January 2016, police officer Kurt Stokinger was shot in the leg during a shootout with a man previously convicted of multiple crimes. Now, Stokinger, who is based in the US city of Boston, Massachusetts, is suing the website that allegedly enabled the man to buy his weapon, an online classifieds site for guns called Armslist. Read More >>

Lion King Puppet Maker Charged With 3D-Printing Gun at Broadway Theatre

A puppet master who helped bring to life Disney’s vision of an African animal kingdom was arrested last week for allegedly 3D-printing guns in the prop room of the Broadway theatre in the US state of New York, court records show. Read More >>

Doctors Want You to Know How Much Damage Rifle Bullets Really Do

After the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, US on February 14th resulted in at least 17 deaths and 14 injuries, the pro-gun rights crowd trotted out a number of frustratingly familiar arguments. One of them, per Florida Senator. Marco Rubio, was that it would be impossible to effectively regulate firearms like the AR-15 used in the attack without banning all semi-automatic rifles. Read More >>

Most Guns Sold on the Dark Web Originate from the United States, Study Finds, Surprising No One  

Roughly three-fifths of the weapons sold on a selection of dark web marketplaces originate from the United States, according to a new study examining the scope of the internet’s black market arms trade. Read More >>

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Silly Putty Exiting a Shotgun Looks Just Like a Tiny Dildo

Silly Putty does not make for a very effective projectile, and I’m also guessing it wouldn’t make for a particularly effective dildo, either. Yet somehow here it is, trying to be both. Read More >>

This Weird Purse is Actually a Gun

Forgotten Weapons sees a lot of odd firearms, from a machine gun that Italian troops would mount to bicycles to Uzis that look like horseshoes. But the Frankenau purse gun takes the cake for pure strangeness. Read More >>

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6 Ways to Make SciFi and Fantasy Weapons More Believable

Ever read a fantasy book or watched a science fiction movie and struggled to suspend your disbelief due to the total lack of reality in some make believe weapons? Here’s advice for people writing this stuff on how to get guns and lasers and bow and wands right. Read More >>

It’s Far Too Easy to Build Your Own Gun From eBay 

You can find just about anything you want on eBay, from gaffer tape to Kim Kardashian's old clothes. It's a magical place! It's also an online retailer violating its own rules because you can easily buy and sell assault-weapon parts on the website. Read More >>

Transport Security Seizes Tiny Toy Gun From Stuffed Monkey, and Threaten to Call Police

Thanks to the ever-diligent men and women of the United States Transportation Security Administration, we can all rest a little bit easier tonight. Yesterday at approximately 17:00 hours, a one Mr. Rooster Monkburn was successfully disarmed when a TSA agent confiscated the monkey sock puppet's two-inch, vaguely gun-shaped piece of plastic—and then threatened to call the police. Read More >>

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Why Star Trek Phasers Don’t Exist Yet

The 21st century has been a real disappointment so far. Our robot servants top out at mediocre vaccums, self-driving cars are years away (and won't be able to fly even when they do arrive), and we're closer to inventing tricorders than phasers. A tricorder. Who wants a goddamn medical scanner when you could be blasting baddies with laser force? Read More >>

Kid Opens a Gun Safe Just by Jostling It Around

A gun safe's purpose is obvious in its name, but many readily available models fail to deliver, as this 3-year-old safe-cracker is quick to demonstrate. Read More >>

How To Take Incredibly Badass Muzzle Flash Photos

Destin over at the Smarter Every Day video blog has done it again. This time he shows you gun-lovers how to take incredible photos of muzzle flashes. The rig he's built has impeccable timing, and the results are amazing. Read More >>

You Won’t Need Bait With This Ultralight Rifle Fishing Rod

Compact pack rifles are usually designed to be carried for emergencies, and this ultra lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber model, from Mountain View Machine & Welding, will greatly improve your chances of survival since it can also be transformed into a telescoping fishing rod. Read More >>