Firefighters Die in Plane Crash While Battling Australian Fires

Three American firefighters died in a plane crash while battling Australia’s bushfires in the state of New South Wales on Thursday, according to authorities in the region. It’s not immediately clear what caused the firefighting air tanker to crash. Read More >>

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Watch a Firefighter Ride a High-Powered Hose Thrashing Around Like a Raging Bull

Among the many dangers firefighters face at work each day, those high-powered water hoses have enough pressure to cause some serious damage if they ever got loose. But they also make for an entertaining makeshift carnival ride that looks far more aggressive than any sketchy mechanical bull you’ll find at a Western-themed bar. Read More >>

LFB’s Crappy Engine Dispatch Software Is Playing With Fire, Says BBC

The dispatch software used by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) is dangerously unreliable, according to a damning investigation by the BBC. Read More >>

Firefighters Open Hydrant, Find it Stuffed With Fish

Some brave Canadian firefighters recently showed up to put out a grass fire, but their hoses weren’t getting any suction from the hydrant. Why? Because it was stuffed with fish! Read More >>

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This Firefighter is Writing Google Glass Apps to Help Save Lives

Google Glass has its fair share of dumb applications, but some projects mercifully seem to balance them out. Like the apps put together by Patrick Jackson, a US firefighter who's writing code to help rescue teams save time—and lives. Read More >>

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Google Glass for Police Brings Us Closer to a RoboCop Reality

Ok Glass, you can hear the cop now. Take a picture of that license plate. Try: Ok Glass. Record a video of this five alarm fire. Or even: Ok Glass. Search: gunshot wound treatment. It doesn't take much imagination to realise that Google Glass could be a valuable tool for first responders. And now, the first app has popped up that could make it a reality. Read More >>

Firefighters Can Take Smart-Pills That Report Back Important Data About Their Guts

Firefighters run into flaming buildings for a living, It's not exactly what you might call a safe job. And while they can tell generally how they're doing by noting whether or not they are on fire at any given time, there's a lot more nuance to keeping track of other aspects of their health. That's where data delivery pills come in. Read More >>

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This Insane Helmet Cam Video Shows What It’s Like to Be a Firefighter

If you ever want to re-live your childhood dream of being a firefighter, watch the video up above. The helmet cam footage comes from Scott Ziegler, a firefighter in Michigan, USA, and shows a year's worth of fires from 2012. It's freaking intense. Read More >>

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The Most Intense Firefighter Helmet Camera Videos

Helmet cameras have a tendency to capture inherently cool stuff. You're probably wearing the helmet for a reason, after all. But firefighter helmet cams are especially incredible because they aren't just some staged event, but a real situation with real people putting themselves in actual danger. Read More >>

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Intense Firefighter Footage Puts You Inside a Burning Building

There are things you instinctually don't do. Rushing into a burning building is one. Fortunately for the citizens of Detroit, firefighters have tossed those instincts aside and with the help of Contour HD helmet cams have created an incredible video that shows what it's like to battle a blaze. Read More >>