Panasonic Viera TX-50CX802 Review: 4K Firefox TV Stunner Recalls the Heady Days of Plasma

TV technology is on the cusp of taking two bold leaps forward, from 1080p to 4K as standard, and from LCD to OLED as the new norm. Panasonic’s Viera CX802 series straddles the line between both, being a 4K LCD. After a rocky 2014 which saw Panasonic’s usually-exemplary TV picture quality falter in some models, the TX-50CX802 is an absolute belter, being an LCD to rival both OLED and classic plasmas, with some Firefox OS wizardry thrown in, all at a competitive price to boot. Read More >>

Firefox OS Smartphones Are No More (But it’s No Great Loss)

Firefox OS -- you know, the smartphone operating system you’ve never used? -- will no longer exist as a mobile platform. Mozilla’s SVP of connected devices, Ari Jaaski, has announced that the company will cease development of Firefox OS handsets, as the software didn’t offer the best of user experiences. However, that’s not to say that Firefox OS is dead. Jaaski says it’ll continue to exist as an open source project. Read More >>

MatchStick Hands-On: A Cheap Open Source Chromecast? Yes Please.

Chromecast has largely caught on as a way to easily use services like Netflix on your TV. MatchStick is an open source HDMI stick for everyone who wants to use their TV for more than just watching movies. Read More >>

This Could be Our First Look at Mozilla’s Chromecast Competitor

Ever since Chromecast and Roku hit the market, rumour has said that Mozilla was working on a more open, tinkerer-friendly type of streaming dongle. This week, Mozilla developer Christian Heilmann tweeted a photo that sure looks like a nearly-finalised product, and GigaOM got to play with a prototype. Casting's about to get open-sourcey. Read More >>

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This is Firefox OS in Action

Firefox OS won't be coming to the UK until 2014, and chances are that its rather budget approach is not for you, dear gadget-obsessed Giz reader. But Firefox OS burst onto the scene yesterday at MWC with announcements of new, upcoming handsets, and a global roll-out plan. It's poised to bring smartphone goodness to the feature-phone masses in a flash of HTML5 glory and this is what it looks like. What do you think? Read More >>

Meet the ZTE Open, First Official Firefox OS Phone

There have been a few Firefox OS developer phones floating around but now, Mozilla has announced the first official Firefox OS handset at Mobile World Congress: The ZTE Open. Read More >>