An Intense Heat Wave Has Fire Danger Rising Again in Australia

Australia just can’t seem to catch a break. The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather update Thursday noting that the current heat wave that began on the northwestern part of the continent last week is making its way southeast, toward the region where the bushfires continue to burn. Read More >>

Australian Open Tennis Players Struggle to Breathe as Climate Crisis Makes Air Hazardous

Tennis players at practice sessions for the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia today struggled to breathe as smoke from nearby bushfires choked their lungs. Slovenian Dalila Jakupović even collapsed on the court in a coughing fit while simply trying to inhale the smoke-filled air, which had an Air Quality Index (AQI) rating above 200 today. Read More >>

Australia’s Terrible Telecom Infrastructure Leaving People Without Vital Info During Bushfire Crisis

Australia’s terrible communications infrastructure is typically just an everyday headache for Australians, who have the slowest Internet of any wealthy nation in the world. But in the middle of a bushfire crisis, access to critical information on the Internet can be the difference between life and death. Read More >>

Fire at German Zoo That Killed 30 Animals Ignited by New Year’s Eve Sky Lanterns

A fire that engulfed a primate enclosure at Germany’s Krefeld Zoo has resulted in the deaths of at least 30 animals. The blaze, which began shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, is being attributed to the illicit use of sky lanterns. Read More >>

New Evidence Suggests Neanderthals Were Capable of Starting Fires

Neanderthals were regular users of fire, but archaeologists aren’t certain if these extinct hominins were capable of starting their own fires or if they sourced their flames from natural sources. New geochemical evidence suggests Neanderthals did in fact possess the cultural capacity to spark their own Paleolithic barbecues. Read More >>

Whirlpool Has Another Go at Getting its Incendiary Tumble Dryers Recalled

This, thank Christ, might be the last time we ever have to write about tumble dryers without making any jokes because people may yet die from one, as Whirlpool has yielded to various pressures and issued a full, no-quibble recall of all of its various sub-brands' tumble dryers deemed fire risks. Read More >>

Whirlpool Told to Recall 500,000 of its Tumble Dryers

The Whirlpool combustible tumble dryer scandal is about to come to a close, with the government stepping in to order the white goods manufacturer to recall all remaining unmodified machines. Read More >>

Report: String of Massive Blazes at Sea Worrying Shipping Industry

International shipping concerns are worried about a wave of major nautical blazes that have resulted in death and injury among crew as well as damage to ships and cargo running in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Stop Using Blowtorches to Kill Spiders in Your House

While this should seemingly go without saying, it turns out that “kill it with fire” is not a great idea when it comes to ridding your home of pests. Nonetheless, there is no shortage of failed cases of people attempting to kill spiders or insects with blowtorches, and it doesn’t often end well. Read More >>

Pieces of Ancient Luzia Skull Recovered From Scorched Brazilian Museum

A recovery team working at the site of Brazil’s burnt-out National Museum in Rio de Janeiro have rescued several pieces of the 11,500-year-old Luzia skull—one of the most ancient human fossils ever discovered in the Americas. Read More >>

Flames Engulf Brazil’s National Museum, Destroying Massive Cultural and Scientific Collection

11,000 years’ worth of artefacts went up in smoke as the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro—one of the largest collections in the Americas—burned down in a massive firestorm early this morning. Read More >>

Canada’s Wildfires Have Turned Day Into Night

Just when you think this wildfire season can’t get worse, something new comes along to remind you this year is truly one of rare horrors. Read More >>

Huge Wafts of Smoke From North American Wildfires Have Traveled All the Way to Europe

It’s been a particularly brutal wildfire season in parts of western North America, as several large blazes continue to cause headaches from California up to British Columbia. As shocking new satellite images show, the smoke from these fires hasn’t been limited to the west coast, or even the North American continent. It’s drifted all the way over the Atlantic Ocean into European skies. Read More >>

Grenfell Survivors are Being Forced to Compete for New Homes

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday that the tenants management organisation responsible for the Grenfell Estate, where a violent tower fire killed at least 80 people in June, will be stripped of their responsibilities. Why? Turns out they have done a terrible job managing the aftermath of that disaster. In fact, it sounds like the past two months have been an absolute nightmare for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower. Read More >>