AMD Says Fix for Newly Disclosed Flaws Coming in Weeks, Won’t Impact Performance

AMD has announced a series of firmware patches set to arrive in the coming weeks to address security issues raised by an Israeli security firm one week ago. Read More >>

Apple’s Firmware Updates Were Borked, Security Firm Says

Apple touts its closed ecosystem as a security advantage. Because it tightly controls its hardware and software, Apple can push security updates much more quickly than an open system like Android. But researchers at Duo Security say that Apple’s security update system hasn’t been working exactly as intended, with thousands of Macs not getting proper firmware updates. Read More >>

Samsung Firmware Update Bricks its Own TVs

TVs branded with the ludicrous model numbers of UE49MU7070, UE40MU6100 and UE50MU6100K by Samsung are breaking across the country right now, as a firmware update issued by Samsung is bringing them grinding to a halt. Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controllers Now Work With the Equally Tiny NES Classic Edition

There’s now a reason to be excited if you happen to have a Nintendo Switch, and want to do more than play Zelda and show it off at parties then. Once the console finally made it into reviewers’ hands, it was discovered that the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers also worked with PCs and smartphones as a standard Bluetooth gamepad. That’s wonderful and not at all unexpected for a controller that communicates via Bluetooth. But starting today, it can also be used with the equally tiny NES Classic Edition using 8Bitdo’s wireless retro receiver adaptor. Read More >>

Hidden PS4 Firmware Changes Fix Common Gaming Issues

As well as the headline features included by Sony in its latest PS4 update, there are several little additions not mentioned in the official release -- some of which fix a few of the most common little whinges of Sony's gaming community. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft’s Next Xbox One System Update to Fix Audio Static, Add 50Hz Blu-ray Output and More

Microsoft's public relations cyborg "Major" Nelson has published a list of forthcoming changes that Xbox One users will see, revealing that an update to the controller firmware will "reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity" -- and 50Hz Blu-ray support for material recorded that way will come too. Read More >>

Apple Offers ‘Last Compatible Versions’ of iOS Apps for Ageing Devices

With iOS 7 due to land tomorrow, Apple seems to have decided to look after users with ageing hardware, too. It now offers a 'last compatible version' of iOS apps if you attempt to download an app not supported by your current firmware. Read More >>

Sony Fixing PS3s Bricked by Recent Firmware Update on June 27th

The handful of PS3s that were rendered unusable by a dodgy official firmware upgrade should be functional again by the end of the week, thanks to a reworked software upgrade Sony will have ready for launch in a few days. The pulled 4.45 firmware crippled some PS3s by removing the XMB system interface. You'll soon be happy again if it bonked yours. [Sony via Techradar] Read More >>

Microsoft Just Committed to Supporting the…

Microsoft just commited to supporting the Surface and Windows RT for at least four years. Long live the firmware updates! [ZDNet] Read More >>

Early Adopters Suffer as Day One Wii U Update Bricks Consoles

A large, essential patch for Nintendo's just-launched Wii U console is causing some stress for US buyers of the new games machine, with reports claiming the firmware update is "bricking" machines if the process is interrupted. Read More >>

Virgin Media Downloads Broken? Users Complain About Corruptions After Superhub Upgrade

Virgin has recently released an update for the firmware that powers its Superhub modem, with several users reporting new problems with downloads as a result. Are these the usual teething problems, or some wider issue breaking the internet of the nation? Read More >>

Apple’s Fancy “Power Nap” Lives, Sort Of

Apple's answer to Intel's new ultrabook asleep-but-still-updating "Smart Connect" thing, Power Nap, which allows your computer to wake up and pull down your email, update software and things, is now available as a firmware update for those already running Mountain Lion. Read More >>

Fans Happy to Pay for CyanogenMod’s New Servers

Android favourite CyanogenMod, which brings exciting new versions of Android to phones either abandoned or not yet updated by their makers while also throwing more features into the mix, has acquired two new "Xeon-class boxes with lots of RAM" thanks to a public fundraising appeal. Read More >>

Microsoft Serves Up Some Mango to All Eligible Phones

A month after Windows Phone 7.5 began shipping, Microsoft announced today that it is now pushing the Mango update to every eligible phone worldwide, regardless of network—with only three exceptions. Read More >>