A Fish and Chip Shop in Hull Enters the Giant Pig in Blanket Fray With a 2-Footer

A fish and chip shop in Hull is brandishing its 2ft long battered pig in blanket which is says is world's largest. Read More >>

Sarson’s Vinegar Nets You 50% off Fancy Fish and Chips This Black Friday

Sarson's partners up with London seafood restaurant Fish! to bring you half price black squid ink-battered fish and chips. Read More >>

Chip Shops Have Been Selling Endangered Sharks As Fish

Grim news about one of our few national dishes: the generic fish you got at your local chippy might well have been an endangered shark. Read More >>

Stop Having Haddock In Your Fish & Chips, Says MCS

Sea creature charity the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has announced today that haddock from the North Sea and West Scotland is no longer on their list of sustainable fish that it's OK to eat. Read More >>

Warmer Seas Expected to Give the UK’s National Dish a More Continental Flavour

A scientist whose surname rhymes with vinegar says he expects climate change to affect the UK’s national dish (well, one of them anyway) -- fish and chips. Read More >>

UK Fish and Chip Shops Should Sell Standard Portion Sizes, Say Lobbyists

A pressure group that speaks on behalf of the UK's fishing industry has said that portion sizes in our fish and chip shops should be regulated and standardised, to make fish and chips more of an acceptable and predictably sized lunch time snack. Read More >>

Why Do We Love Fish and Chips? A Brief History of Britain’s National Dish

Humans have been eating fish and potatoes for millions of years, that much we know. But when was it decided that to be best served the two elements had to be soaked in batter and fried? Someone has declared today National Fish and Chips Day -- it must be, there's a hashtag being mentioned by Sainsbury's and The National Federation of Fish Friers -- so let's find out who first had the idea of making healthy things slightly less healthy yet substantially tastier by dunking them in oil. Read More >>

Ducks Gorging on Fish and Chips are Laying Broken Eggs

People need telling not to feed ducks fish and chips. That's the shock news out of Northumberland, where bird experts claim that fat ducks stuffed to bursting with chips from kindly tourists are not getting the nutrition they need from Britain's favourite convenience food. Read More >>

Killjoy Liverpool Council May Ban Al Fresco Fish and Chips

"Open or wrapped?", a familiar phrase to anyone that's ever enjoyed the nation's traditional takeaway favourite, fish and chips. But for residents of Liverpool, an open portion of the dish may soon become a thing of the past. Read More >>

And the Winner of “Best Fish and Chip Shop in the UK” Is…

...Quayside in Whitby! Just a week after the king of UK kebabs was crowned, the second highlight of the takeaway food awards season has seen the family-run business take the title at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2014. Read More >>