Endangered Mini Sharks Found for Sale in UK Chippies

Two endangered fish species have been found for sale in our glorious chip shops, thanks to regulations on acceptable by-catch that allow some of the smaller sharks to be sold for food if they're dredged up by accident. Even vegans would agree that's better than chucking them back in the sea dead. Read More >>

So, Salmon Cannons are a Thing

A viral video’s been making the rounds this week of what looks like some kind of pneumatic tube coaster/aquatic Uber service to help transport fish to wherever the hell fish need to go. It’s an invention of the Washington-based company Whooshh Innovations, and their other fish-handling gadgets have similarly goofy names such as the FishFaucet, the Burst Buster, and the FishL Study Buddy. Read More >>

Newly-Discovered ‘Vibranium’ Fish Named in Honor of Wakanda

While SCUBA diving off the coast of Zanzibar, marine biologist Luiz Rocha saw a fish he had never seen before. He sent a photograph to his collaborator Yi-Kai Tea, currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Sydney, who confirmed that it was a new species of fairy wrasse from the genus Cirrhilabrus. As a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe who had just helped to discover a bright purple fish in an isolated environment in Africa, Tea knew there was just one name they could give their discovery: Cirrhilabrus wakanda, the Vibranium fairy wrasse. Read More >>

Cod Heads Back to the “Do Not Eat” List

Scientists almost certainly wearing lovely jumpers while advising the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea have warned on North Sea cod stocks, saying that the poor fish is yo-yoing back down in numbers towards another population crash that'll have us told not to catch it or eat it for a few years. Read More >>

Mad Scientists Grow Fish on Land

There are large tanks of water involved here too so sorry about that misleading headline, but there is some truth in it as a Scottish fish farm operated by Great British Prawns is about to unleash one million whiteleg shrimp on the UK market -- and they've all been grown in tanks. On land. In a warehouse. Like The Matrix of prawns. Read More >>

Vets Say They Saved a Dog’s Life Using an Experimental Fish Skin Graft

Here’s a feel-good story to carry you through the bank holiday weekend. Veterinarians at Michigan State University in the U.S. say they were able to save the life of a one-year-old Rottweiler named Stella who had been horrifically burned, thanks in part to an innovative technology that uses fish skin to help the body heal itself. Read More >>

Some Deep-Sea Fish Can See Colour in Near Total Darkness

A newly discovered visual system in deep-sea fish could allow them to discern predators from prey in the low-light conditions found at the bottom of the ocean, new research suggests. Read More >>

This Fish Has Evolved to Thrive in Intensely Polluted Water

A small fish somehow evolved resistance to the heavily polluted water of the Houston Ship Channel by mysteriously acquiring genes from another fish from thousands of miles away, according to a new paper. Read More >>

Extremely Relatable Salmon Get Stuck in Traffic While Migrating

Salmon will do whatever it takes to make some babies. They’ll even dart across oncoming traffic, apparently. Read More >>

Marine Bore-Ologists Surprisingly Recommend Eating Fish Fingers

People with swimming-pool-hair who smell of wetsuits from the Marine Conservation Society are usually telling us not to eat the few kinds of nice fish there are, instead telling us that only raw squid is OK to eat and even then not with chips or sauce or anything nice. But not this time. They have, incredibly, just come out in support of the fish finger. Read More >>

Accidental Tuna Catch Worth £10,000 to be Measured and Incinerated

Fishermen working out of Brixham will not be enjoying massive tuna steaks all round as a result of landing an enormous 350kg bluefin tuna, due to fishing laws that say such accidental bycatches cannot be enjoyed. So it's off to Exeter University for the giant catch, where it'll be measured, have its age calculated, then incinerated. As in, destroyed, not slightly overcooked. Read More >>

Scientists Have Discovered the First Known Omnivorous Shark

Sharks are virtually synonymous with carnivorousness, but the bonnethead shark, as new research suggests, is a true flexitarian, capable of switching between meat and plant-based diets. Read More >>

Fur, Feathers, Hair, and Scales May Have the Same Ancient Origin

New research shows that the processes involved in hair, fur, and feather growth are remarkably similar to the way scales grow on fish—a finding that points to a single, ancient origin of these protective coverings. Read More >>

A Woman Lost Her Toenails After a Fish Pedicure

An unorthodox beauty treatment meant to rejuvenate the feet turned into a disturbing medical mystery for one young woman. According to a case report published by her doctor in JAMA Dermatology, the woman’s toenails stopped growing and started falling off soon after she received a so-called fish pedicure. Read More >>

Hippo Poo is Suffocating Fish in East Africa

Usually, dumping fish-killing garbage into rivers is a human’s job. But hippos seem to be doing it, too, through their routine mass pooping events. Read More >>