The Decade Smartwatches Actually Became a Thing

Over the past ten years, smartwatches have gone from futuristic tech relegated to sci-fi flicks to something so common, it’s not a surprise to see multiple people sporting them on your daily commute. These wrist-sized computers can’t do quite as much as your smartphone, but these days the modern wristable can do everything from tracking your heart rate to paying for your coffee. Read More >>

How I Became a Faster Runner

As soon as I was able to run, I wanted to run faster. It’s been a journey with a lot of ups and downs, but it really is possible to start as a slow runner and, well, become a lot less slow. I’m no Olympian, but I’m fast enough to occasionally win age group medals at local races. Here’s my story. Read More >>

Polar’s New Fitness Tracker is a Full-on Android Smartwatch

We were disappointed when Polar sacrificed the GPS capabilities of the M400 smart sports watch so that its A300, revealed in early 2015, could hit the market with a cheaper price tag. But affordability is apparently no longer as important to the company as features, because Polar’s new M600 is a full-on Android Wear smartwatch. Read More >>

Why is J.K. Simmons Getting Terrifyingly Ripped for the Justice League Movie?

Former Marine Aaron Williamson is a fitness pro whose clientele includes Dwayne Johnson — someone whose physique has played a huge role in his career — and apparently, uh, J.K. Simmons, the 61-year-old Oscar winner who is working out hard for his role as Commissioner Gordon in Zack Snyder’s now-filming Justice League movie. Read More >>

Acer Unveils ‘First Cycling Computer’ That Automatically Uploads Video Based on Heart Rate

Acer unveiled a fresh bit of kit for avid cyclers at its annual bash in New York yesterday, dubbed “the first cycling computer”. Read More >>

You Might Throw Up After Taking the World’s First IMAX Spin Class

The one thing you can’t buy to help you with your fitness routine is motivation. But IMAX thinks it can get your butt off the sofa with a new cycling class that takes place in front of one its massive and immersive movie screens. Read More >>

How to Make Your Fitbit Even More Accurate

No matter how much you wear your Fitbit fitness tracker, it won’t do you much good if it’s not counting steps correctly. Thankfully, we know a few ways to make your Fitbit even more accurate, so you never have to worry about the quality of the data it’s collecting. Read More >>

Garmin’s Updated Fitness Tracker Encourages You to Get High

Following in the footsteps of Polar and Sony, Garmin has upgraded its Vivosmart fitness tracker with a built-in heart optical rate monitor. At the cost of a tiny hit in battery life, the new Vivosmart HR means there’s one less accessory to bring with you on a run. Read More >>

Misfit’s New Shine 2 Fitness Tracker Is Much More Helpful Than the Original

Misift’s Shine fitness tracker focused on being good at one thing when it was introduced into the wearable wild in 2012 – um, tracking fitness. But since then, wearables have evolved beyond counting steps and seeing how well you’re snoozing. Now, notifications are a must for many fitness trackers. That’s why the Shine 2 exists. Read More >>

Polar Now Puts Heart Rate Monitoring On Your Wrist With Its New A360 Fitness Tracker

Earlier this year we weren’t exactly enamored with Polar’s A300 fitness tracking watch that gave up the M400’s GPS for a slightly cheaper price tag. And while the new A360 doesn’t have GPS either, it makes up for it with a built-in optical heart rate monitor, a colour touchscreen display, and a sleeker design. Read More >>

How GoPro is Turning its Athletes Into Storytellers

Sport photography isn’t shot from the sidelines anymore, it’s made by athletes as they do their thing. But before they can do that, they have to learn to shoot like a pro. We went inside the camp where they’re trained. Read More >>

The New Microsoft Band Gets Smarter Guts and a Curved Display

Last year, Microsoft dived straight into the wearables market with an ambitious device that unfortunately didn’t live up to its promise. Here’s round 2, the new Microsoft Band. Read More >>

Why Pain Rewards

Why do we seek out challenging experiences in the outdoors? And why does the pain, suffering and risk make them more rewarding? We talked to a leading sports psychologist to find out. Read More >>

Nintendo May Ditch Iwata’s Health-Focused QOL Plans

It got a generation of gamers off their arses with the Wii and its Wii Fit board accessory, but Nintendo's future-gazing "Quality of Life" plans may have wheezed to a halt. Read More >>

Speedo and Misfit Team Up For a Swimming-Focused Fitness Tracker

Misfit’s button-sized Shine fitness tracker is already waterproof to a depth of over 50 metres, so swimmers don’t need to take it off while training. But since accurately measuring laps is different than measuring steps, Misfit has teamed up with Speedo to create a new version of the Shine that’s customised to track underwater activities. Read More >>