Surprise! Fitbit’s First New Product Under Google is a Fitness Tracker

As we entered a new decade, Fitbit’s fortunes looked uncertain. Last year, the company was acquired by Google for a neat $2.1 billion – a move that left some longtime Fitbit users wary about their data privacy. The acquisition followed reports about disappointing Versa Lite sales, which was a blow to Fitbit considering the popularity of its Versa smartwatch. Now with its first new device under Google, Fitbit is going all-out with the Charge 4. Its most popular fitness tracker has been refreshed with built-in GPS, NFC payments, Spotify compatibility, and a new focus on active minutes in addition to steps. Read More >>

Another Fitness Tracker For Your Finger, Now With a Button

Smart rings have a few advantages over more common wrist-worn wearables. For starters, they can be more discreet, fashionable, and comfortable to wear while sleeping. The main issue is there aren’t as many of them out there – much less ones that offer the same breadth of features as wristables. That’s why it’s nice to hear about a new player in the field, the Circular smart ring. Read More >>

The Decade Smartwatches Actually Became a Thing

Over the past ten years, smartwatches have gone from futuristic tech relegated to sci-fi flicks to something so common, it’s not a surprise to see multiple people sporting them on your daily commute. These wrist-sized computers can’t do quite as much as your smartphone, but these days the modern wristable can do everything from tracking your heart rate to paying for your coffee. Read More >>

Maybe This Is How We Finally Get a Pixel Watch

Looks like Google is getting ready for a serious dive back into wearables. Both Reuters and CNBC are reporting that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made an offer to acquire Fitbit. Yes, that Fitbit. Read More >>

This Garmin Smartwatch Is a Beast That Doesn’t Have a Real Reason to Exist

Most smartwatches are aimed at couch potatoes who aspire to be kind of active – but not all. Some are destined to be ugly, chunky, fitness machines. They’re jam-packed with every sensor imaginable and built for a specific fitness freak. You know, that insufferable gym rat bulging with high-definition muscles you thought were specifically reserved for Chris Hemsworth. The kind of monster that opts for a six-count burpee while the rest of your class struggles – just because they can. They waltz into the office Monday morning, talking about how they crushed that 13-mile hike over the weekend on a straight 90-degree incline. Listening to their fitness routine is enough to send you into a coma. The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar Edition is made for that person. Read More >>

A Smooth Ride and Built-In Tracking Make Cannondale’s Treadwell a Bike for the Rest of Us

For some people, a bicycle provides nothing more than a casual cruise on a lazy Sunday afternoon. For others, it’s a reliable daily commuter, and a bike can even be a great way to stay in shape and shed a few pounds. Cannondale’s new Treadwell EQ makes a strong case that a bike can be all three of those things, and at a price that doesn’t make you feel like you should be competing in the Tour de France to justify what you spent. Read More >>

Leak Suggests the Next Fitbit Might Be Slowly Catching Up to the Apple Watch

We struggled to find one positive thing to say about the Fitbit Ionic two years ago, but the company’s follow-up, the Versa, was a complete about-face, offering a better design, better battery life, and a bargain price tag. And if leaked product shots shared by Evan Blass are any indication, the next Versa is staying the course to potentially give the Apple Watch some tough competition. Read More >>

Polar’s Latest Fitness Smartwatch is For Data Dummies

Fitness tracking can get old fast, especially if you’re a beginner staring at a bunch of numbers that don’t make sense. Polar in particular, is known for tracking in-depth metrics and that’s given it the reputation for creating wearables meant for serious athletes only. But its latest smartwatch – the Ignite – seems aimed at the more casual enthusiast – the weekend warrior who’s a data dummy. Read More >>

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Unreliable Fitness Trackers Add 10 Miles to Your Marathon Route

Listen up, marathon runners: the fitness tracker you use to record your training really matters. A new report by Which? has shown that some of the big name trackers on the market are actually rubbish at recording distance, and can have you running miles more than you need to. Read More >>

You Won’t Miss the Features Cut From the Fitbit Versa Lite

Buying a smartwatch can be intimidating. They’re expensive, most of them come with similar features, and it can be difficult for first-timers to navigate the technobabble marketing speak to find a smartwatch that suits their needs. That’s exactly the issue Fitbit is trying to solve with its Versa Lite Edition. At £150, it’s less than half the price of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4 and aside from push notifications, it doesn’t really mess with more complicated smart features, like ECG readings and voice assistants. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Newest Inspire Fitness Trackers Fail To Do Just That

Despite what wearables makers would have you think, it’s not just all smartwatches. There’s still a place for the humble fitness tracker. For starters, they’re much cheaper than smartwatches, provide accurate fitness tracking, have better battery life, and are perfectly adequate at delivering push notifications. This basically sums up Fitbit’s new flagship fitness trackers, the Inspire and Inspire HR. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Cheap New Trackers Seriously Undercut the Apple Watch

Apple might dominate when it comes to smartwatch sales, but Fitbit’s looking to make a dent in its lead by launching four new devices today: the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, the Inspire and Inspire HR, and the Ace 2. As its name suggests, the Versa Lite is a streamlined version of its popular Versa smartwatch. Meanwhile, the Inspire and Inspire HR will replace Fitbit’s lower end trackers, and the Ace 2 is an updated version of its child-friendly tracker. But the real kicker is that none of them cost over £150—less than half the cost of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4. Read More >>

If You Own a Microsoft Band and Were Still Using It Until 1 March, You Might Be Owed a Refund

Microsoft’s Band smartwatch and fitness tracker—production of which was mercifully discontinued in 2016—has finally reached the end of its lifespan. The Verge reported that Microsoft has announced its intention to sever all remaining support for the Band on 31 May 2019, with both backend services and the apps being yanked from Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Read More >>

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CES 2019: Matrix’s Body Heat-Powered Watch Finally Adds Useful Smart Features

One of the biggest gripes with smartwatches is battery life. That’s what made the original Matrix PowerWatch and its successor, the PowerWatch X, compelling – a fitness-oriented smartwatch fully powered by the heat generated from your own body? It was an intriguing concept to say the least, even if we found the PowerWatch X less than stellar once it hit shelves. Read More >>

Why People Are Putting Fitness Trackers on Toilet Roll in China

It all started with a mystery: Why would a fitness tracker detect a beating heart on a toilet roll? Read More >>