I Know It’s £3,000 and a Pain to Install, But Tonal is Worth It

I’ve spent a good portion of my time inside during lockdown sifting through the best Instagram Live workouts, but working out at home isn’t really my thing. The global covid-19 pandemic – and subsequent gym closures – forced me to reevaluate that stance. Free streaming workouts are fine and all, but what I really needed was solid home gym equipment. Unfortunately, I’m a little picky. Read More >>

I Was Obsessed With Fitness Tracking. Then the Pandemic Hit.

I have never been the runner who simply laces up their trainers, pops in their headphones and zips out of the door. I’m the runner who laces up some smart trainers, pairs their wireless earbuds, opens up a running app, straps on a chest strap heart rate monitor, starts a workout on one smartwatch, quickly starts another on a second smartwatch, and then zips out of the door. And when it’s over, I’m the self-quantifying nerd who reviews every bit of collected data to see how it compares across devices and, more importantly, against my past self. Read More >>

The Best Pair of Workout Earbuds Now Comes in Actual Fun Colours

I don’t know about you, but I’m over workout earbuds that only come in dark, boring colours. The options usually range from black to grey – occasionally navy, if you’re feeling spicy. Apple-owned Beats is now giving those of us who want more colour a few more shades to choose from in its Powerbeats Pro lineup, making some of the best workout earbuds stand out even more. Read More >>

giz asks
How Will Our Bodies Change from Being Inside for Months?

According to multiple ads I’ve seen, we are in this thing together. “Together we will prevail,” the ads say. You lay there – alone, in a shirt stained with who can say what – and think: nothing. What is there to think? If you were going to have an interesting thought, you would’ve had it weeks ago. Better to wreck yourself with caffeine and awful snacks, is my take, which diverges somewhat from the advice in our latest Giz Asks – an investigation into what exactly this quarantine might be doing to our bodies, and how we might mitigate some of those effects. Read More >>

Strava’s Best Features Will Now Be Subscription-Only

Bad news, Strava fans. According to the company’s website, the popular cycling and running app is moving a few of its previously free features behind a paywall. Read More >>

5 Binge-Worthy TV Shows You Can Make Workout Games Out Of

Social distancing is affecting our bodies just as much as our minds. Without the ability to hit the gym or go to an exercise class, our physical routines have been upended. You might be substituting extra sessions of your favourite shows, or trying something new. Why not try a little workout while you watch? Read More >>

This Ankle Exoskeleton Was Designed to Make Running Easier

Running is one of the most affordable forms of exercise, but it’s also one that people love to groan about – and for good reason. It’s a high-impact sport that can be hard on the body, and that’s without factoring in however you might feel about your individual athleticism. But Stanford engineers have found a wearable exoskeleton that you can strap onto your ankle to help you run more easily, according to a study published in Science Robotics. Read More >>

How to Keep Fit When the Gyms are Shut and Boris Says We Shouldn’t Go Outside

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re doing so from your new makeshift gym a.k.a your home. Read More >>

How to Stay Fit While Social Distancing

The gyms are closed. The snacks are now always within reach. Venturing outdoors is recommended, so long as you maintain six feet of distance between you and other humans. But if you’ve tried running at a park recently, there are a whole lot of people who clearly have no concept of what six feet looks like. Experts say that exercise is crucial to reduce stress and anxiety and may boost your immune system. So in the year of covid-19, how does a person keep from atrophying into a giant slug or going stir-crazy with cabin fever? Especially if you live in a flat that’s more or less a glorified closet? Read More >>

Fitness Apps Need to Stop Shaming Us While We Social Distance

App notifications can be helpful reminders to keep moving and maintain your fitness routine – in normal times. These are not normal times. Read More >>

Finally, a Wear OS Smartwatch I Don’t Absolutely Hate

There’s no getting around it: The Suunto 7 smartwatch is a big, beefy boy. Giant smartwatches can be polarising, but in a world of aggressively mediocre Wear OS devices, the Suunto 7 is a refreshing reminder that the Android watch platform doesn’t have to suck as hard as it currently does. Read More >>

What is the Best Exercise?

There are countless questions the novice exerciser should be asking themselves before their first day at the gym. I have no idea what those questions are, but I do know that, in exercise as in everything else, it is important to cut corners and maximise one’s leisure time. Read More >>

UA HOVR Machina Review: Ugly as Sin, but Good For Running

Last year I reviewed Under Armour’s HOVR Infinite shoes, which sync with your smartphone to offer running data from the built-in Bluetooth chip. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed working out in them. I expected the shoes to be more gimmick than substance, but the personalised gait-coaching actually helped me shave two minutes off my average mile time. They died a noble death after I ran more than 300 miles in them. So, as you might imagine, I had higher expectations for the latest addition to the HOVR lineup, the Machina. Read More >>

How I Became a Peloton Person

Peloton’s advertising is bad. The pricey stationary bike’s TV adverts feature extremely attractive humans working out in the living rooms of their expensive high-rises or, even more improbably, in the same bedrooms where their partners are still sleeping. (You have the right to exact excruciating revenge on anyone who thinks pedalling or grunting with exertion are silent activities that won’t wake you.) Then there was the infamous Peloton Wife, who looked physically pained when starting her exercise journey. Read More >>

CES 2020: ASICS’s New Smart Shoes Roasted My Running Form

Despite putting in a lot of hours pounding the pavement, I have never been the fastest runner. It’s not for lack of trying! I do fartleks, interval runs, tempo runs – you name it. I read an absurd number of articles about proper running form, and hyper-obsess over minute differences workout-to-workout from running watches and my UA Hovr Infinite shoes. But after running with ASICS’s Glideride trainers and EvoRide smart shoes at CES, I have a much better idea of what the hell I’m doing wrong. Read More >>