Royal Mint Wants £13 for Admittedly Quite Posh £5 Coin

The Royal Mint is about to make a small mint for itself this Christmas, as it's launched a new series of limited edition £5 coins to sell to collectors and people who enjoy having this sort of thing. Read More >>

England’s Paper Fiver Dies Today

Today's the day that the previous, vegan version of the Bank of England's five pound note ceases to be legal tender, with on-the-ball shops likely to refuse to take them from now on if you try to pay for your sad meal deal with one. Read More >>

Unfakeable Fiver Faked and in Circulation

That new fiver with all the fancy windows and polymer construction designed to make it secure and harder to smash out a batch on a colour printer? It's been faked already, with police in Cornwall saying some have been spotted in circulation. Read More >>

Meat Money is Staying in Circulation

The Bank of England is not yielding to pressure to remove the new polymer £5 note from circulation, with the note and its small quantities of animal fats to remain in circulation due to some serious sounding reasons. Read More >>

This Misprinted New Fiver Sold for a Ridiculous £1,669

Those new five pound notes are popping up more and more these days, with one even landing in my own cash-loathing wallet. But next time you get one in your hands, make sure to look a bit closer. If it's got a misprint you might find yourself with some extra spending money this Christmas. Read More >>

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You Can Play Vinyl Records With the New Plastic Fiver

People have started posting clips to YouTube, showing them playing vinyl records by using one of those new-fangled plastic £5 notes as a needle. That’s not one of the features we were told about when we spoke to the experts ahead of its launch. Read More >>

What Do You Think of the New Plastic £5 Note?

As we bizarrely make the move towards paper for train tickets, the era of plastic money is about to begin. The Bank of England today revealed its first ever plastic banknote, which will go into circulation in September. Read More >>

Scottish Bank Leads Plastic Money Rush With Polymer Fiver in 2015

The first polymer bank note will appear in Scotland next year, with Clydesdale Bank set to introduce our first "plastic" money. The special fiver will commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Forth Bridge, with two million of them going into circulation from next March. Read More >>