Matt Nix’s X-Men TV Show Is Officially Happening

Last year we heard that Fox had ditched Hellfire and begun development of a new X-Men TV show from Matt Nix. But even though Nix has been talking about his series for ages, it’s only just been given a pilot order. Read More >>

Here’s Apple’s Temporary Fix For That iPhone Messages Bug

If you're an iPhone user, you may have noticed a bug emerged this week, which caused Messages on iOS to crash when a specific string of text was received. It could apparently be sent from any device - a Windows, iOS and Android - and while it may have amused some, it was generally annoying to most of us. Read More >>

The Most and Least Repairable Tablets on the Market

The world is awash with tablets, but if you're a nerd who likes to tinker, it's important that you buy one that isn't too tricky to take apart, repair and upgrade. Fortunately, iFixit has released a list which ranks tablets according to their repairability. Read More >>

Google Blocks the Blockers as Android Advertising War Turns Nasty

One of the minor little tweaks sneaked out as part of Google's recent Android 4.2.2 release and the 4.1.2 update has nuked a popular mobile ad-blocking solution, with Android Adblock Plus now pretty much useless by default on phones and tablets. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface RT Windows Update Error
Microsoft’s Got a Fix Coming For Borked Surface RTs But Not Till February

Microsoft has acknowledged that it's managed to screw up a Windows RT update right-royally on the Surface RT, and it promises it's going to fix it, as you'd expect. Thing is, you'll have to hold out till February and update via the, errr, broken Windows Update. Hmm, this might be tricky. [ZDnet] Read More >>

Magical Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Rejuvenating Update Out Now in the UK

The latest Lumia 800 software update that has had some users raving about a near tripling of uptime is now available here, with a couple of UK networks the first in line to see the European launch hit. Read More >>

Latest Nokia Lumia 800 Update “Triples” Battery Life

The poor old Lumia 800 looks like it'll finally be over its launch glitches, thanks to the newest firmware update -- which early installers are reporting to work wonders on the phone's already battered battery. Read More >>

Is Your Netflix Streaming Buggered After the Latest PS3 Update?

Some users are reporting that their Netflix streaming app gets stuck in an update-crash loop after upgrading to the latest PlayStation 3 firmware. The update rolls in the PSN to SEN changes and finally gives the much maligned browser some love. Read More >>

Galaxy Nexus Stock Delayed by Samsung, Pending “Volume Bug” Fixes

The SIM-free retailers are reporting that Samsung has stopped supplying them with the Galaxy Nexus, presumably so the much-needed volume glitch fix can be applied before Samsung's entire world collapses. Read More >>