How to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

It’s a heart-wrenching moment when your web browser reports that it’s no longer connected to the internet. But there’s no reason to panic: we’ve distilled the troubleshooting process into five easy steps. Keep this list close by in case your internet suddenly breaks (or pass it on to friends and family the next time they call on your assistance). Read More >>

xbox one
Got a Broken Xbox One Blu-ray Drive? Spank its Bottom and it Might Fix Itself

Turn your Xbox One upside-down, make a wish and smack it on a table three times is the latest unofficial advice regarding the Drive of Doom failure issue, with users reporting success in hitting their broken machines to make them work again. Read More >>

Google Blocks the Blockers as Android Advertising War Turns Nasty

One of the minor little tweaks sneaked out as part of Google's recent Android 4.2.2 release and the 4.1.2 update has nuked a popular mobile ad-blocking solution, with Android Adblock Plus now pretty much useless by default on phones and tablets. Read More >>

Apple Shows It Can Fix Things Pretty Quickly, When It Actually Wants to

After the Australian police waded in over crappy Apple Maps sending people into the middle-of-bleeding-nowhere to die, Apple's already fixed the issue. Apparently it wasn't all Apple's fault, but it goes to show Cupertino can turn around and fix stuff fast, so why did it take so bloody long to fix 'Duncaster'? Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Fix Now Available

The curious case of the dwindling battery capacity of Nokia's Lumia 800 phone is about to be solved, thanks to Nokia releasing its previously promised software update. Read More >>