Local Dog Poo Wars Take Patriotic Turn

Activist members of the Waterside Action Group in the Lancashire town of Colne are raging about dog poo, as local activists are wont to be, and have taken to flagging up the animal deposits. Literally. Read More >>

Anti-Brexiters Quietly Politicise the Proms With EU Hats

A really, really polite political battle unfolded on the BBC over the weekend, as the flag-waving enthusiasm at the last night of the proms turned into a war of patriotism between those with union flags and rivals holding EU banners. Read More >>

English Heritage Scrapes England Flag From White Horse

The hillside carving known as the Westbury White Horse was momentarily supporting the England team in the football by wearing a massive red cross, transforming it into one enormous patriotic St George's cross. But obviously this sort of thing is frowned upon by the tweedy suits at English Heritage who've had it removed. They would presumably rather football stayed in Germany. Read More >>

Posties Banned From Sticking En-ger-land Flags on Their Vans

The Royal Mail has told its staff of van drivers, trolley pushers and even the village bike-riding delivery person that it's not OK to show support for the England football team during the imminent World Cup, as putting flags and stickers in vans and windows is potentially hazardous. Read More >>

England, Wales and Scotland Get Their Own Flag Emoji

A Cheeto is President of the US, the UK has decided to divide itself in two while continually arguing with itself, and we have newspapers that lie with impunity to push the agendas of their billionaire owners. But never mind, the Welsh dragon now has its own emoji. Read More >>

Stoke up Resentment with Nationalist Emoji

Three new emoji are coming to the next update of the Unicode database, and it's either great news or terrible news depending on your opinions of people who hang flags out of their upstairs windows whenever there's an international football tournament polluting the atmosphere. Read More >>

The British Flag at the Olympics Was Totally Wrong – And No One is Fixing It for the Paralympics

Remember how emotional it was during each of those 27 Gold Medals we bagged at Rio 2016? As one of our plucky athletes stood atop the podium, who could have failed to shed a tear as God Save The Queen bellowed out, and our flag - the symbol of our nation - ascended, to signal our glory? Read More >>

The Number of Stars on the EU Flag Means Absolutely Nothing

The European Union referendum vote is just days away. Now, if the UK does leave the EU, what happens to the stars on the EU flag? Is one taken away? Nope, because the number of stars means nothing really at all. Read More >>

Eurovision Organisers Impose Strict Flag and Banner Regulations

Non-competing countries and states may not have their flags waved within the halls of this year's Eurovision, with the organisers revealing an attempt to crack down on attempts to politicise the event. Read More >>

New Zealand’s Keeping its Flag After All

The citizens of New Zealand have voted to keep its existing flag. The country has been involved in a ten-month long process to redesign it, but a national referendum saw the majority of voters choose to keep the existing design. According to the BBC, a total of 2,119,953 votes were cast in the head-to-head competition, which saw the existing flag up against the newly designed Silver Fern, pictured below. Ultimately, 56.61 per cent of people voted to stick with the old flag. Read More >>

Here’s the Design That Could Replace New Zealand’s Flag

New Zealand is in the closing stages of replacing its dated flag with something more modern. After rounds of voting, one design remains, which will go head-to-head with the current flag in March. Read More >>

Which One of These Flags Should New Zealand Pick?

It’s down to four: these are the designs that will advance to the next round of New Zealand’s flag referendum. Now the public will rank these four designs in a November vote. But which fern will win? Read More >>

New Zealand’s New Flag Will Almost Definitely Have a Fern on It

In May, New Zealand opened the floodgates for a crowdsourced design to replace its century-old flag that started flying when it was still a British colony. Now, the country has announced a “long list” of 40 finalists, and most of them include one of two motifs that both represent ferns. Read More >>

WTF, People are Combating Facebook’s Rainbow Avatars With American Flags

In what is clearly an attempt to combat all that gay in their timelines, some US conservative types are calling for 'true Americans' to cover their profile photos with American flags instead. Read More >>

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The Confederate Flag Wasn’t Really the National Confederate Flag

The confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and it’s nice that it’s going the way of the dinosaurs over in the US. But, as CGP Grey explains in his latest video, the confederate flag we know and hate wasn’t actually the national flag of the Confederate States of America. They had many national flags but the flag being banned left right and centre was never it. Read More >>