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Lighting a Match With an Elastic Band Is a Handy Trick

If your five o’clock shadow isn’t rugged enough to light a match with, and there’s nowhere else to strike one, an elastic band and a second match are all you need to get a fire started. This one’s going to require some practise to master (and some amateur sniper skills) but MacGyver would be proud. Read More >>

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Lighting a Match with Another Match Is a Useful Trick to Know

Sometimes life gives you too many damn matches and not enough things to strike them on. In those situations, just burn those matches together. It’s fun (because fire is fun) and easy, just group four matches together in a square formation in one hand and then strike another match in between them for maximum fire power. Read More >>

Shoot Fire From Your Wrists and Channel Your Inner Prometheus With the Pyro Mini

Fancy being able to shoot fireballs from your wrists? Obviously that’s a yes. Ellusionist is here to make all of your dreams (or just your weird, flame-themed ones) come true, with the Pyro Mini. The wrist-bound gadget lets you channel your inner Prometheus to launch balls of heat up to 40 feet in the air at the push of a button. Read More >>

How This ISS Fireball Revealed a New Type of Cool, Invisible Flame

Did you see that flame burst recorded by an astronaut aboard the ISS? Well, it wasn't just for the fireworks. In fact, that great ball of fire led to the discovery of a previously unknown type of cool-burning flame that isn't even visible to the naked eye. Read More >>

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This Slow-Mo Test Tube Explosion Barks Like a Guard Dog of Fire

It's one thing when a dog barks; it's another one entirely when a giant pipe full of fire does it. And it's even better in slow motion. Read More >>

A Guy Made the Fire Breathing Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros

If you ever thought real life should be more like the video games we play, you're not alone. At the very least, you definitely have an awesome friend in Caleb Kraft, senior editor at Hack a Day. He made a real homemade version of the fire breathing piranha plant from Super Mario Bros. It's incredible. Read More >>

Laser bottles
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Watch a Laser Light Glass Bottles on Fire

The idea behind this video is pretty simple, it's a laser igniting black-flash paper to spark a fire inside a bottle. But the execution of it is just mesmerising  The Wicked Laser 100mW Spyder III Krypton burns through the paper in a pyro domino effect, and the flame just explodes inside the bottle. You get to see it broken down in slow motion too. Lasers. Fire. Slow motion. Always a good combination. [World Scott via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Dyson Fire Vacuum
Dyson Vacuums: They’ll Suck Up Your Fire

Dirt, hairballs, crumbs, small children: Dyson vacuums can triumph over pretty much anything. But there's still that lingering question: what about flames? We all know that feeling when your living room rug spontaneously ignites in a blaze of hellfire right before company comes over. It's the worst. But fret not — YouTube user Photonvids has your solution. [Photonvids via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

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Kicking a Pan of Flaming Petrol Is the Best and Worst Idea

Things in slow motion tend to be awesome-looking. Fire also tends to be awesome-looking. Put the two together and ad a dash of extremely-dangerous-petrol-flinging and you've got yourself a show. That's what our very own British Slow Mo Guys did and the result is stunning both in its beauty and its stupidity. Don't try this at home, but definitely be glad that these guys and got some killer footage of it. [The Slo Mo Guys] Read More >>

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Watch This Wedding Photographer’s Hair Catch On Fire (Because Apparently It’s Fun)

Photographer Jacki Bruniquel's hair got too close to a candle and caught fire while shooting Murray and Emma Burton's wedding ceremony. Thankfully, one of the groomsmen quickly ran after her to extinguish the flames and everyone started to laugh. Because, let's admit it, people's hair catching aflame is funny. At least in South Africa. Read More >>

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Watch This Brand New iPhone 5 Burst into Flame

So you've waiting in line for hours upon hours and finally, at long last, you have. You have your brand new iPhone 5. Its long body cradled lightly in your hands, like the willowy limb of runway model. Read More >>

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This Is What It’s Like To Play Street Fighter Using Real Fireballs

There is a dream harboured by everyone who grew up playing Street Fighter. In that dream you put your wrists together, shove them forward, shout "Hadouken!" and a giant fireball flies through the air. Last night, that dream came true. Read More >>

How to Take Pictures of People Covered in Flames

There's something extremely compelling about seeing a person covered in fire; it's simultaneously terrifying and mesmerising. Fortunately, it's possible to take pictures like this without permanently scarring your friends. Here's how. Read More >>