​I Wish This iPhone Flash Drive Worked Better

I have no idea why Apple still sells iPhones and iPads that have only 16GB of storage. But wouldn't it be great if you could just plug in a flash drive that added more? The SanDisk iXpand wants to be that drive. Sadly, it's not. Read More >>

Five Painfully Clever Flash Drive Tricks We Wish We’d Thought Of

Most of us see our USB flash drives as expendable, one-trick ponies—good for storing and sharing files and not much else. But with the appropriate knowledge, that little mess of gigabytes in your pocket has the potential to be so much more. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When Your Baker Doesn’t Understand English

The scene: a woman goes to buy a cake for, oh, let's say her cat Whiskers's birthday. She decides to put a photo of Whiskers's face on top of the cake because oh isn't that fun and also she's a very lonely woman. She hands the baker a USB drive and asks that she use the photo. The baker smiles and nods because English is her second language and because this customer asking for a flash drive on a cake is clearly insane and should be dealt with accordingly. The result, as you can see, is glorious. Read More >>

64GB flashdrive
A 64GB Flashdrive Is Your 100-Years’-Worth-of-Smut-on-One-Stick Deal of the Day

Remember when computers only came with about 80GB of hard drive storage in them? And yet they were still as big as a robot dog? That's all a long time ago now though. Read More >>

A 10m Ethernet Cable For Just £1.23 Is Your Emergency-Wi-Fi-Outage-Internet-Connection-Backup Deal of the Day

Are you looking for a new washing line or something to tether an animal carcass to the roof of your car? Don't bother with traditional ropes or washing lines – let Ethernet cable be your more affordable friend instead! Read More >>

A WDTV Live Streaming Box Is Your Anti-Jubilee-Entertainment-Centre Deal of the Day

If you haven't been invited to a Jubilee street party over the next couple of days, you might want to take solace bystaying indoors with the curtains closed and watching the festivities on the telly. But let's be honest, you'd probably be better off watching something else instead. Read More >>

Dirt 3 Is Your Bank-Holiday-Driver-and-Caravan-Avoidance-Strategy Deal of the Day

It's a bank holiday and appropriately, the roads have been filled with bewildered day-trippers, tootling about the place as they've aimed to make the most of the bonus workless day. Read More >>

A Bunch of Great, Cheap Flight Sims Are Your “I’ll Be a Real Pilot Some Day” Deal of the Day

You know, gaming doesn’t have to be about brightly-coloured cartoon characters tumbling around your screen to the accompaniment of some intensely annoying musical tunes. Nor should it just be about running around committing pretend murders. Read More >>

A Cheap 32GB Flash Drive Is Your Entire Life On a Stick Deal of the Day

If you think about it, portable data storage is an incredible thing. Little USB sticks that you can cram, music, pictures and movies on to – and it’s small enough for you to carry around in your mouth. Yes, YOUR MOUTH. Read More >>

The Western Digital TV Live Is Your iPlayer and Netflix Streaming-On-the-Cheap Deal of the Day

Remember when we all used to sit around the TV together as a family and there was only three channels, and they broadcasted the programmes so quietly that we all had to take turns holding the ear trumpet? Read More >>

A Retro Mouse and Mouse Mat-Combo Is Your RSI-Inducing Deal of the Day

We’ve got an array of modern gadgets and gizmos at tremendous prices further down in this piece, but the one that has tickled us the most today is decidedly retro. Read More >>

Cheap Xbox 360 and Games Are Your Dungeon-Crawling Deal of the Day

You know what, there’s a few Xbox–flavoured offers that have sprung up from the bargain undergrowth over the past day so hey, why don’t we round them all up in one place? That place being right here. Read More >>

Victorinox’s 1TB Flash Drive Makes It Easy To Lose a Thousand Gigabytes

You might think they only make knives, but Victorinox also makes some of the best flash drives on the market (in this reporter's opinion.) They're well-built, extremely fast, and in a few days might be available in one terabyte capacities. Read More >>

Shot Glass USB
Power-Hour Like the Sozzled Businessman You Are, With the Shot Glass USB

It's Friday, you're still in work, but it's that time -- beers o'clock. Break out the Shot Glass USB! Even invite Nigel up from IT, and see if he wants a shot. But only one. You know what he gets like. Read More >>