IBM Reportedly Bans All Employees From Using Any Removable Storage

IBM employees will reportedly no longer be allowed to use any form of removable storage to transfer data while at work. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Those Insane 2TB USB Flash Drives

The world's highest-capacity USB flash drive is now available to buy, if you have many, many pounds and you're not the kind of person to lose drives as soon as you get them. Read More >>

This Two Terabyte Flash Drive Is Packing More Storage Than Your MacBook

For those eager to easily misplace two terabytes worth of photos, videos, MP3s, and other important documents, today Kingston unveiled a three-inch USB flash drive packing more storage than even a fully spec’d MacBook Pro. Read More >>

You Can Wrap SanDisk’s New Flash Drives Around Your iPhone

It doesn’t matter how much storage Apple stuffs into the latest iPhone, your ever-growing music, photo, video, and app collections will max it out eventually. Instead of constantly having to delete files so you have room to keep adding new media, SanDisk’s new iXpand Memory Case will simply boost your iPhone’s storage capacity. Read More >>

Where is The World’s Smallest 128GB Flash Drive Hiding All Its Storage?

SanDisk’s just announced an updated version of its Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive that now comes with 128GB of storage, somehow hidden inside a tiny form factor that’s barely larger than the USB connector hanging off the other end. Read More >>

Blazing Fast SSD Flash Drives Finally Available in Half Gig Capacities

If you don’t mind waiting hours to fill a massive flash drive with files then by all means go and drop a a couple of hundred quid on a 256 GB drive. But if you value your time, you’ll want to seriously consider a compact SSD flash drive instead. They boast sustained transfer speeds topping out at an impressive 433 MB/s, and are finally available in larger 480 GB capacities. Read More >>

This Multi-Headed Flash Drive Charges and Syncs All Your Mobile Devices

It’s often the case that when a gadget is over-packed with functionality, usability is sacrificed and it ironically ends up being less useful overall. But On The Go promises to replace your flash drives, portable chargers, and sync cables with a single multi-connector contraption.It looks like it’s managed to strike the perfect balance between form, functionality, and ease-of-use. Read More >>

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I Ever Got Was This Flash Drive

I hate Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong — I enjoy romance, and being in love, and all that crap. I just despise all the bullshit ads about buying flowers and chocolate and state-sanctioned representations of erotic attachment. That's why I got a warm glow inside when my SO gave me this awesome flash drive and said, "Happy Valentine's Day." Read More >>

An Impossibly Tough Flash Drive That Survives -40C to 85C Temperatures

Even if you've dropped a few extra quid on a 'durable' flash drive that can safely be tossed about, it might not actually be as tough as you think it is. At least not compared to this non-descript drive from Green House, which is a master of survival. It's rated to work at temperatures as cold as -40°C, or as hot as 85°C, so no matter where on Earth work takes you, your data is safe. Read More >>

This Tiny Key-Code Flash Drive Protects Your Files With a PIN

Tiny, capacious flash drives not only make it easy to carry gigs and gigs of data wherever you go, they also makes it easy to lose gigs and gigs of data. Read More >>

Photographer Sends Out Thumbdrives That Look Like His Severed Thumbs

Justin Poulsen is an artist, and I don't just mean that in the sense that he takes photos for a living. He's also an artiste who spent hours painstakingly moulding and delivering thumb drives that are exact replicas of his own thumbs. Read More >>

The Magical USB Port on the iStick Pro Drive Transforms Into microUSB

It turns out there are still some ways to improve a USB flash drive that don't involve just cramming more storage inside. The iStick Pro, coming sometime in March of this year, features a Lightning connector on one end for attaching to iOS devices, and a wonderful transforming USB/microUSB connector on the other making it also compatible with laptops and Android devices. Read More >>

A Transforming USB Business Card That Shares More Than Just Your Name

Despite countless ways for us to share information online, business cards are somehow still a popular way to pass on contact info. So instead of trying to replace them, the creators of the swivelCard simply found a way to make business cards better with a built-in USB port that lets you share everything from your CV, to a photo gallery, to a video — and not just your name, email address, and phone number. Read More >>

A Flash Drive Watch That Always Knows the Time and Available Storage

Even with wireless networks and cloud storage services like Dropbox, there's still a place in this day and age for manually sharing files on a flash drive. And to ensure you've always got one on hand for an emergency file transfer, the silicone Verb watch features four gigs of storage built into a simple but stylish timepiece. Read More >>