Adobe Flash is Actually Going to Die This Time, For Real

Three years ago, long after the rise (and fall) of Flash, Adobe announced that its once-ubiquitous multimedia platform was finally going away. But Adobe never provided a specific date for when Flash would reach its end-of-life. Now we know: Adobe Flash is going to officially die on December 31, 2020. Read More >>

Gizmodo’s 11 Best (and 5 Worst) Television Moments of 2019

We may have already celebrated our favourite shows of last year, but that doesn’t mean we’re done looking back on 2019's TV. In a year packed with an extraordinary amount of TV, there were moments that had us broken-hearted, laughing our heads off, or pumping our fists and cheering – and there were moments that had us doing those for less joyful reasons. Here are some our faves...and not-so-faves. Read More >>

In the Biggest Trailer Yet, Crisis on Infinite Earths is Looking Grim

“The multiverse needs you!” Yeah, because things are not going well. Read More >>

Google Sticks Another Knife in Flash’s Corpse

The killing blow to multimedia software Flash made contact with its skull in 2017, when maker Adobe announced that it would begin Flash’s “end-of-life” phase and stop updating and distributing it by the end of 2020. Flash – which nerds of a certain age cohort may remember from sites like Newgrounds or files like “annoying.swf” – has been riddled with security holes that allowed malware delivery since way before the Flash brand was officially retired in 2015, and it’s long been replaced in all but niche uses by successors like the open-source HTML5. Read More >>

Ezra Miller Still Thinks the Flash Movie Will Connect the ‘Disparate Pieces’ of the DC Film Universe

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the Flash movie, set to star Ezra Miller as the speedster, reprising his role from Justice League. As the ongoing cohesion of the universe has sort of fallen to the wayside, the film, too, has shifted out of the spotlight, with much more attention placed on Aquaman and the in-production Birds of Prey. Read More >>

Thanks to Fantastic Beasts, The Flash Movie Just Slowed Down

For a character who is supposed to be incredibly fast, his movie is moving pretty damn slow. DC has been working on a solo Flash movie for years, with Justice League star Ezra Miller long set to play the title role. However, a new report suggests the film is further away than you may think. Read More >>

Wonder Woman Could Be Coming to the Flash Movie

When Barry Allen traverses the time stream at high speeds in the upcoming Flash movie, Diana of Themyscira might be coming along for the ride. Read More >>

Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: DC TV, Ghost Rider, Injustice 2, and More

Welcome to another bumper edition of The Week in Geek. We haven't forgotten all of the important geeky news of the week, but there's an awful lot of news about DC's TV slate. Read More >>

Firefox Will Start Aggressively Blocking Pointless Flash

Flash is an lingering remnant of an older internet that’s basically been on life support for years now. It’s buggy, insecure, sucks the soul out of your battery, and honestly you should’ve disabled Flash by now anyway. But Firefox will soon be pulling the plug for you. Read More >>

Google Chrome Will Soon Block Flash Content by Default

Flash is going down like Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring (but without any of that spine-tingling heroism). Google has quietly revealed plans to block Flash content by default on Chrome before the end of the year. Bad news for Adobe and advertisers, good for basically everyone else on the internet. Read More >>

Microsoft Edge to “Pause” (AKA Kill All) Flash Ads in Latest Update

Adobe's Flash format death clock has ticked one second nearer midnight, with Microsoft the latest to brand much of its animating nonsense "peripheral" and nonessential to the being-on-the-internet process. Read More >>

Adobe Warns of New Round of Flash Exploits

Adobe has come out with a laundry list of exploitable errors within the latest version of Flash, including one that it says is being used in "limited, targeted attacks" out there in the wilds of internetland. Read More >>

Your Next Phone Might Have 256GB of Storage Thanks to Samsung’s New Chip

I love high capacity things. So when Samsung announced it’s producing 256 GB flash storage that can be used in mobile devices, I swooned. The memory is two times faster than the previous generation of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) memory, meaning that phones will not only have greater storage capacities, but also breeze reading and writing operations. Read More >>

Google’s Banned Flash From Display Ads

Another nail in Flash’s coffin: Google has announced that it’s going to stop supporting the plugin in its pervasive AdWords and DoubleClick advertising services. Instead, companies will have to use HTML5. Read More >>