Concept Micro-Flat for London Helps Stack Humans in Small Cubes

Designers working on ways to carry on making money out of houses now that no normal person can afford have come up with an idea -- make them vastly smaller. Make the bed also a wardrobe. Make the bit on top of the kitchen cupboard the only shelf. No one needs headroom when they're asleep, so put the bed near the ceiling. That sort of aggressive landlord thinking. Read More >>

London Mayor Subsidises Featureless Box Homes

London's mayor has come up with a great idea to make housing in London more affordable -- build worse houses. Literally make something resembling a shipping container then put people in it to cry alone while living the dream that is owning a home in thrilling London, is the idea. Read More >>

London Poshos Promised Drone Deliveries to Balconies by 2020

London's newest and rudest forthcoming skyscraper has had one heck of an original selling point added to its particulars -- drone deliveries. Drone delivers that will save the poor post men from having to trudge up to the top of the 67-floor building. Read More >>

Londoners Invited to Spend £1,600 a Month Renting Windowless Isolation Flat

Most young folk adjusting to single life away from their parents have probably got used to bathrooms without windows in them by now, as that's the first space-saving measure introduced by landlords rejigging their stock for maximum yield. But how about a kitchen without windows too? And a living room without windows? And two bedrooms without windows? Read More >>

Even London’s Gas Tanks are Being Turned into Posh Flats

The King’s Cross Central redevelopment area will soon have another array of flats within it for the rich set to keep as standby crash pads should a meeting overrun and they miss their flights back to Dubai, with a developer turning several old Victorian gasholders into your standard glass-fronted flats that no one normal can afford. Read More >>

Tower Blocks Mk II Could Solve London’s Housing Shortage

A report about what to do to cram even more people into London has come up with a variety of possible options, including turning more green belt land into potential home spots and also allowing blocks of flats of up to 60 stories high to increase the capital's population density. Read More >>

Landlord Fined for Letting Out a £420pm Flat Accessible Via Tiny Hatch

A landlord in Barnet has been fined over £3000 for letting out a converted loft that required its occupiers to crawl to get inside. Read More >>

This Tiny Flat is Built Inside a 30-Year-Old Storage Unit

When most of us think of housing shortages, we think of the micro-flats of Hong Kong or New York. But Stockholm is in the midst of its own shortage, and with it, incredibly resourceful solutions. Take, for example, this 387-square-foot flat in an old storage unit. Read More >>

Power-Architect Frank Gehry’s Battersea Power Station Flats are “Falling Over”

They haven't been built yet, of course, but the "falling over" aesthetic is what famous bizarre building maker Frank Gehry is aiming for with his part in the £8bn redevelopment of London's Battersea Power Station complex. Read More >>

This Concept Transforming Flat Is a Dozen Rooms at Once

Here at Gizmodo, we love us some transforming flats. On top of being space-efficient, they are just so damn cool. And this partially prototyped concept by students at TU Delft is no exception. Read More >>

The Most Expensive Flats in the World’s Most Expensive Cities

A few days ago Mercer, the global human resources consulting firm, published its current list of the most expensive cities in the world. According to its survey, the most expensive place to station an employee isn't London, New York or Tokyo. It's Luanda, Angola. Read More >>