Why a White Cup Makes Your Coffee Taste More Intense 

If part of your morning routine involves coffee, it's likely that you have a very specific ritual about which cups you use. Now, an Australian scientist has taken it upon himself to find out whether there's any scientific basis for thinking that taste is influenced by cup colour—and it turns out, the colour of your cup plays a big role in how you think your coffee tastes. Read More >>

Enjoy a Meat Facial With Bacon Shaving Cream

You eyes do not deceive you, although your nose might get a bit confused by what the hell is going on. It's Bacon Shaving Cream, a grooming product for men who enjoy a lingering meaty residue. Read More >>

Magic Potion Magically Transforms Vodka Into Any Liquor You Like

You have tons of vodka lying around. Maybe your friends left it. Maybe it was on sale. Maybe you bought it because it's cheap and you heard you could make it into whatever booze you want. What? Read More >>