Phone Unlocked
It’s Probably Safe to Assume That If Someone Steals Your Phone, They’ll Be Able to Get Through the Lockscreen

Apple's iOS 6.1 lockscreen is basically Swiss cheese, it's so full of holes, and now Android's being hit with something similar. You can apparently bypass Samsung Galaxy Note 2's lockscreen, be it PIN, pattern, password, or face-unlock protected, with a quick couple of button presses. Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
BlackBerry Security Flaw Could Compromise Enterprise Servers

If you associate BlackBerry with top-notch security, time to think again. The company has released news, which warns of a vulnerability that could expose enterprise servers to massive malware attacks. Read More >>

Is Your Security Cam Broadcasting to the Entire World?

You installed that internet-accessible security cam so you could keep an eye on your place while you’re out, but it seems everyone else can too. Trendnet’s got a serious flaw in its software that lets any old Tom, Dick or Harry spy on you over the net. Read More >>

iOS Security Flaw Allows Trusted Apps to Take Over Your iPhone

Apple's pretty proud of its App Store approval system. Too bad security hacker Charlie Miller found a code-signing flaw that allows good apps to go bad. Here's how an app downloaded from the App Store could become a malware threat. Read More >>