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Your Apple Watch Has a Serious Security Flaw

One of the many aspects of owning the new Apple Watch is that it makes you a target ripe for mugging. Sorry to present a downer on your last Apple-tastic purchase, but those babies are shiny, expensive and desired - and not everyone is that concerned that they acquire one honestly. Read More >>

NSA Paid A £6 Million Bribe to A Security Firm to Keep Encryption Weak

Reuters reports that the NSA security firm paid massive computer security firm RSA £6 million to promote a flawed encryption system so that the US spook organization could wiggle its way around security. In other words, it bribed the firm to leave the back door to computers all over the world open. Read More >>

A Facebook Privacy Flaw Gave a Hacker Access to Every Single Account

You probably don't know Nir Goldshlager, but up until recently, he sure could have know you. That's because Nir discovered a major privacy flaw in Facebook's OAuth, the system developers use to access all sorts of information every time you hit that little "allow" button. Nir gained access to virtually anyone's entire Facebook account. As the hacker explained on his site: Read More >>

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Yet Another iOS 6.1 Lockscreen Flaw Lets Anyone Access Everything on Your iPhone

If you thought getting access to your phone's dialler, contacts, and even photos was bad enough from a supposedly secure, locked iPhone, how about access to everything on the device? Yeah, things just got even worse for Apple's steaming pile of iOS 6.1. Read More >>