Fleshlight Finally Made an iPad Case That You Can Have Sex With

You don't need to know much more about the Fleshlight Launchpad other than that it's an iPad case that you have sex with (and that the Lightning connector is not, uhm, liquidproof), but here is a photo in case you really need the visual, in the way you need the visual on your iPad while you are humping it. Read More >>

Chinese TV Network Hilariously Confuses a Fleshlight For a New Type of Mushroom

Some sneaky locals in China totally pulled the wool over the eyes of a Chinese TV network on Saturday. They managed to convince the young Xi’an Up Close reporter that they'd found an amazing new type of mushroom using a familiar-looking "meaty" piece of rubber. Read More >>

How Realistic Would a Robot Have to Be for You to Have Sex with It?

Implements for human-robot relations already run the gamut from abstract Fleshlights to fully-articulated, Uncanny Valley-straddling love dolls. But is more realism always better? Read More >>