Here’s What People Thought of YouTube When It First Launched in the Mid-2000s

When YouTube first launched 15 years ago, a lot of people weren’t sure what to make of it. Anyone can upload a video to this service? Why do I want to hear what some obnoxious teenager has to say from their bedroom? Read More >>

Flickr Could Be In Serious Trouble

Flickr, where we could live free if only we were willing to pay for it, may be on its last leg (again). On Thursday, TechCrunch reports, Flickr’s relatively new owner SmugMug has sent out an appeal to paying subscribers to tell their friends, bluntly describing Flickr as “the world’s most-beloved, money-losing business”. They’re not sugar-coating it. Cough up, people. Read More >>

Flickr: Seriously, Download Your Photos Before March 12 or Lose Them Forever

The good news is that Flickr has extended the deadline for users to download their images from its servers before it starts mass deleting photos. The bad news is that this is definitely still happening in mid-March, so really, really make it a priority this time if you want to save your stuff. Read More >>

Last Call: Flickr Starts Deleting Your Old Photos Tomorrow

Flickr, one of the best social media services of the 2000s, will begin mass deleting photos tomorrow, 5 February. If you’d like to keep any of the photos that you uploaded to the service and maybe forgot about, now is the time. But you can’t wait any longer. Read More >>

Flickr Is Going to Delete a Bunch of Photos—Back Up Yours Now

Flickr is under new ownership and that means new rules. Now it’s time to back up all those photos that you just assumed would be there forever. Read More >>

Four of the Biggest Tech Giants Teamed Up to Make Moving Your Data Around Less Painful

Thanks to the rise of cloud storage, there’s a seemingly endless number of ways to save photos, music, documents, or anything else offsite. Unfortunately, if you ever want to transfer that data from one service to another, the process can be quite tedious, as you’ll probably be forced to download everything and then manually re-upload all those files to a new home in someone else’s server farm. Read More >>

Flickr Takes Another Sad Turn, Gets Bought by Something Called SmugMug

In the latest of an endless series of unfortunate events to befall the once beloved photo-sharing service Flickr, the company has been resurrected from the grave of Yahoo and bought for an undisclosed amount by premium photo-hosting platform SmugMug. Read More >>

Flickr’s Uploadr Tool Imprisoned Behind a Paywall

Use Flickr’s automatic photo upload service on your computer? Not anymore if you have a free account: The Uploadr tool will know require you to be a paying Pro subscriber. Well, there’s always Google Photos. Read More >>

The Best Ways to Organise All Your Digital Photos

Thanks to digital photography, everyone has a camera in their pocket and pictures are now instantly accessible and shareable. The only drawback is the hassle of managing so many snaps and all the more apps and services that make it even more confusing. Here are the tools you need to know to bring order to your digital photography chaos. Read More >>

Flickr’s Image Recognition Tool is Making Some Embarrassing Errors

Well, this is awkward. Flickr’s seemingly impressive image recognition system is making some embarrassing slips when identifying black people and concentration camps, according to the Guardian. Read More >>

What if We Dressed Like Our Social Networks?

We all spend so much damn time looking at them. What if we started... being a bit like them, too? In this photo shoot, Viktorija Pashuta imagined a world where we started dressing like our social networks. The results are... slightly disturbing. Read More >>

Flickr Launches Official iPad App, Finally

It's taken a few years, but Flickr has finally got its act together and launched an official iPad app, only four years after Apple unleashed its first tablet on the world. Read More >>

Flickr Just Unveiled a Brand-New App for Apple TV

Flickr just unveiled a brand-new app for Apple TV. Now you can share your own photos and explore the whole world of Flickr user uploads from the comfort of your TV. [Flickr] Read More >>