Kindles, iPads and Other Electronic Devices OK’d for Use During European Flights

Flight-mode be damned, the European Aviation Safety Agency has announced that it will be publishing new guidelines green-lighting the use of electronic devices at all stages of a flight. Your Kindles, iPads, smartphones and MP3 players will be saved from the disapproving glare of air stewards across the skies, throughout Europe! Read More >>

In-Flight Entertainment to Get a Boost as Take-Off and Landing Ban on Gadgets Could Be Lifted

Passengers on flights across the US are now free to use their gadgets during both take-off and landing, and that FAA-granted courtesy could soon be extended across Europe too. The relevant governing bodies, including the UK's Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency, are also considering the change, putting an army of "Flight Mode" devs on the dole. [Guardian] Read More >>