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Incredible Footage of a Drone Racing Up a Mountain Had Me Reaching For a Seatbelt

Remember the RC toys you had as a kid? The ones you would lose control of when they went out of range 50 feet away? Gabriel Kocher’s custom-built camera drone has a range of almost two miles, allowing him to pilot it to the top of a mountain and capture exhilarating footage along the way. Read More >>

Combine Gatwick and EasyJet for the UK’s Longest Flight Delays

Analysis of Civil Aviation Authority data covering the summers of 2015 and 2016 has revealed the most-delayed flights and the most delay-hit airports in the UK and Ireland, with the losers being the easily guessable combination of (a) EasyJet and (b) Gatwick. Read More >>

Police Called to Heathrow Runway After Two-Day Flight Delay

Armed police were apparently called to a flight sitting on the runway at Heathrow last weekend, as passenger fury over a two-day flight delay — including two aborted takeoff attempts — spilled over. Read More >>

Parents Give Toddlers Wheelie Suitcases to Bend Ryanair’s Baggage Rules

Travellers on Ryanair flights are bending the rules in a novel way, using children as young as two-years-old as baggage mules to carry on little suitcases hitting the 10kg limit in order to get as much stuff on flights for free. Read More >>

Rogue Drone Shuts Down Gatwick

Some flights into Gatwick had to be diverted last night, after reports of a drone being spotted in the area caused operators to panic, delay flights and send a few planes off to land elsewhere. Read More >>

EasyJet Brings Private Flight Glamour to Luton Airport

People who didn't check properly and have accidentally booked a flight that leaves from Luton can now enjoy a new luxury service from EasyJet, which, for £475, includes use of the airport's private jet terminal and treatment like a celebrity. Until you get on the plane and it's business as usual and £4 for two Pringles wrapped up in clingfilm. Read More >>

Europe Escapes US Flights Laptop Ban

The tiny handful of people that still like the idea of going to America are in luck, as US and European officials have negotiated a way to stop us from being banned from taking anything larger than a smartphone into aeroplane cabins. Read More >>

Airlander Didn’t Crash Yesterday!

They took the Airlander out for another test spin yesterday evening, and you'll never guess what happened. It went up as planned and flew around as planned, then landed as planned. There was no wheeling about or destruction or disintegration in the slightest. All the parts of the chassis are where they are supposed to be. Read More >>

UK Joins US in Banning Laptops and Tablets on Some Flights

Anything bigger than a phablet will have to go in the hold luggage on some flights into the UK, with the government joining the US in requiring passengers from six countries to stow tablets, ereaders and laptops in the hold, lest their batteries actually be bombs. Read More >>

BA Could Face £300k Compo Bill for Five-Hour Toilet Roll Crisis

A BA flight that spent hours on the tarmac while staff stressed about not having enough toilet roll could end up costing its operators hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation and additional expenses, so perhaps it should've taken off anyway and told passengers to use the scented napkins? Read More >>

Reminder: Blindly Trusting Google Cards Can Make You Miss Your Flight

It's pretty handy that when Google knows you have a flight to catch, it'll pop up little updates on your phone reminding you of when to leave and what the travel situation is (assuming you're opted in). But a letter in the Guardian today serves as a useful reminder not to put all your trust in automated notifications. Read More >>

Justice Secretary Thinks Barking Dogs Can Scare Away Drones

The justice secretary, speaking on the very modern and serious matter of people flying things into prisons by drone, has revealed that she hasn't really got much of a clue about drones. Including, but not limited to, how they work, how they are operated, why they stay in the sky and anything about what they're actually like. Read More >>

World’s Shortest Flight Logs 1,000,000th Passenger

The world's shortest scheduled flight, which links the remote Orkney islands of Westray and Papa Westray, carried its one millionth customer this week -- quite a remarkable feat on a route that currently operates a tiny eight-seater plane. Read More >>

Hawaiian Airlines Horrifies Fliers With Pre-flight Weight Checks

Hawaiian Airlines is at the centre of the shaming scandal of the day, after revealing plans to weigh passengers before flights -- so they can safely distribute the more hefty ones to stop the planes flying in circles. Read More >>

Turbulence on a JetBlue Flight Was So Bad a Toilet Blew Off the Wall

Last night, a JetBlue flight destined for Sacramento, California encountered turbulence so bad it sent 24 people to the hospital. Read More >>