Easyjet Ends Freebies and Asks Crew to Take Three Months of Unpaid Leave

Easyjet is about to match demands made by Virgin for staff to take an unpaid holiday within their own houses, as the airline wants all cabin crew and pilots to take a three-month, off-the-payroll mini-break while the entire air industry is paused. Read More >>

Flybe Collapses, Blaming Coronavirus and the Government

Budget airline Flybe has collapsed and with finality, as the company has called in the administrators, cancelled all flights, and entirely called it a day for operating as a regional airline. It has had it with you and your continued flouting of hand luggage regulations. Read More >>

Air New Zealand is Getting Economy Bunk Beds

If you've ever glared enviously at first and business class passengers on flights, we have some good news for you. Air New Zealand is trialling some bunk beds for economy passengers. Read More >>

Storm Ciara Boosted BA Flight to New Transatlantic Crossing Record

A British Airways flight from New York to London set a staggering new speed record thanks to the extreme westerlies of storm Ciara, maxing out at a ground speed of 825mph and arriving an unprecedented 80 minutes ahead of schedule. Read More >>

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That Video of Farts Captured by Thermal Cameras Looking For Coronavirus is Totally Fake

Have you seen that viral video of people farting in public, captured by China’s thermal imaging cameras that are on the hunt for coronavirus? It’s completely fake. Read More >>

BA Starts Offsetting Carbon From All UK Domestic Flights

Anyone mad enough to take an internal BA flight yesterday may proudly tweet about it today without shame, as the airline is celebrating 2020 by beginning to offset all carbon generated by internal flights. Read More >>

Non-Stop Heathrow-Sydney Test Flight to See if Passengers/Crew Go Mad

Aussie airline Qantas is running a direct flight from Heathrow to Sydney tomorrow, carrying an invited passenger list of just 50 people on the 18.5-hour direct flight around the world. It's being described as a "research flight" to see how passengers and crew take to the idea of being in the air for such a long time. Read More >>

Airbus Is Testing New System to Collect Data on Everything You Do Onboard Its Flights

Your flight could soon be keeping tabs on everything from your preferences for in-flight snacks to the length of your bathroom trips. Read More >>

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Flight Turned Back After Pilot Spilled Coffee Causing Control Panel to Melt and Smoke

An aeroplane flying across the Atlantic Ocean had to reroute after a pilot spilled his coffee in the cockpit and damaged the audio control panel. Read More >>

Ryanair and Easyjet Have Somehow Got Worse Over the Past 5 Years, According to Which?

Another look at flight delays in British airports shows what a shitshow some of these airline are running, and unsurprisingly, Ryanair and Easyjet are at the top of the shit list. Read More >>

Ryanair Now Has Striking Pilots to Deal With

Flying with Ryanair is set to become extra traumatic and perhaps even literally impossible this summer, as the airline's pilots are planning a couple of strikes to prove various points with the boss. Read More >>

Government Considers Adding a “Carbon Charge” to Flight Tickets

The Department for Transport is edging towards suggesting we pay an eco tax on our hard-paid-for international holidays, with a consultation offering up the idea that a carbon-offsetting fee could be added to the cost of every plane ticket. Read More >>

Jet2 Launches Disappointing In-Flight Nando’s Experience

The Nando's brand, our national fine-dining evening equivalent to Greggs, is coming to the world of in-flight meals, with short-ish-haul flier Jet2 hoping to increase its share of holiday destination bookings by offering Nando's-branded products on flights. Read More >>

Bankrupt Airline Bailout Tax Could Add 50p to a Flight Ticket

The nation could face a small new tax on the cost of flying overseas soon, with a review of the conditions of flight saying that a fee of around 50p per plane ticket should go into an emergency pool of money to get stranded passengers home should their airline go bust. Read More >>