Apple News Is Better Than Newsstand, But That’s Not Saying Much

Well iOS 9 is here and it’s the most minor major—or maybe the most major minor—upgrade to the Apple’s mobile software in recent memory. But there are a few brand spanking new apps to talk about, and one of the big ones is Apple News. Read More >>

Filpboard for the Web Turns Your Computer Into a Beautiful Web Magazine

When Flipboard launched for iPad back in 2010. A year later the app brought its fluid, touch-based reader to smartphones. Now, Flipboard is finally showing desktops some love. Read More >>

Flipboard Now Has Video Ads (But They Won’t Auto-Play, Thank Goodness)

Flipboard, the mobile reading app with over 100 million users, will now start showing you full-page video ads as you try to catch up on your reading. Read More >>

Rumour: Facebook Could Launch a Flipboard-Like Reader This Month

Rumours have swirled for some time about the fact that Facebook might be developing a Flipboard-style news reader. Now, a report from re/code suggests that the social network might launch such a service, called Paper, this month. Read More >>

With Facebook Ready to Go, Windows 8 Finally Gets Some App Respect

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Facebook, Flipboard, and NFL Fantasy Football would all soon have official apps. That may not be an earth-shaking revelation, but it's a sign that some big names are ready to step up and give Windows 8 the old Metro try. Read More >>

WSJ: Facebook Is Developing a Flipboard-Style News Reader

So long Google Reader, hello... Facebook? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Zuckerberg and co are working on a service that "displays content from Facebook users and publishers in a new visual format tailored for mobile devices". Read More >>

Flipboard Update Lets You Create Your Own Magazines

Flipboard takes the news you want to read and organises it into a wonderfully designed magazine format. And now, with an update to its iOS apps, it lets you create your own magazines for specific themes, topics, events, and so on. Read More >>

There Is Such Thing As a Flipboard for Porn and It’s Called Faploid (NSFW)

If you ever used Flipboard and wished there was a version just for porn, you're in luck. Faploid is what you have been waiting for. It's a service that'll give you personalised pornos based on your particular tastes. No more scouring the net, what you like will come straight to you! Read More >>

Flipboard Is Now On All Android Tablets

Whoa, fire up your Fire, zoom off with your Xoom, Xyboard your... something something. Flipboard is finally available for every single Android tablet. Read More >>

All the NYT’s Content Will Be Available on Flipboard From Thursday

Flipboard — the social reading app which is no longer just confined to iOS — has just announced that New York Times subscribers will be able to read all the paper's content through the app, on any platform, from this Thursday. That's a big deal for the New York Times, Flipboard and readers alike. Read More >>

Flipboard Comes to the Rescue of Google+

The Flipboard app, which recently arrived on Android pre-loaded inside Samsung's Galaxy S III (and on other via unofficial leaks) is about to benefit from some Google interest, thanks to the launch of a custom API that'll let Google+ content appear inside the stylish news aggregator. Probably not a huge deal for many, but a good bit of news for those already converted to Google+. [Slashgear] Read More >>

Android Flipboard Now Available for Everyone (a Bit of DIY Required)

The Android Flipboard app, which was supposed to be arriving alongside Samsung's new Galaxy S III, has leaked into the public domain, giving Android users a chance to experience the iOS news reading phenomenon ahead of schedule. Read More >>

Flipboard for iPhone: Hold Me Closer Tiny Flipper

Flipboard for iPad is amazing. Throw your Facebook, Twitter, and favourite websites in there and you've created a digital magazine just for you. I suppose the logical next logical step was the iPhone. It's not as spectacular on the iPhone as it is on the iPad. But what do you expect when you take a tabloid magazine and turn it into a 'zine? Read More >>

Google Currents Might Be the Coolest Thing Google Has Ever Made (Even If It’s Not Available Here)

If you need a reminder that Google can still make cool stuff, check out their latest app for iOS and Android: Google Currents. It's pretty much a Flipboard clone in that the app turns web content (news sources, rss feeds, etc.) into a slick digital magazine with awesome visuals. Read More >>