Florida City Has Been Accidentally Sending Out Zombie Alert Messages Since Hurricane Irma

No one should ever screw around on a public alert system. But considering it’s been a bad year for warning systems — from the Hawaii false emergency alert accidentally informing the public of an incoming missile that didn’t exist to the National Weather Service’s false tsunami warning to the Department of Justice’s Amber Alert site issues that redirected visitors to porn sites — now is an especially bad time for someone to be screwing around on an alert system. Read More >>

14 Foot-Long Burmese Python Eats Not One, But Three, Deer

After performing an autopsy on a bloated Burmese python, scientists in Florida were shocked to discover the remains of three white-tailed deer. Read More >>

Here Is What’s Going on With the Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Matthew

Since yesterday evening, Hurricane Matthew has gathered strength and is on a collision course with the Caribbean. Here’s what we know about the strongest hurricane to hit the region since 2007. Read More >>

Florida’s Eleven Year Hurricane Drought Just Ended

Until Hermine blew through the Florida Panhandle and up into Georgia, Florida had experienced a pleasant, hurricane-free few years. In fact, as The Weather Channel noted, Florida went nearly eleven years without a single hurricane making landfall. Read More >>

Florida is About to Get its First Hurricane in Over a Decade

As Hermine continues to menace Florida’s northwest coast, it officially crossed over into hurricane territory yesterday afternoon. That makes this week rather special: Florida is about to get smacked with its first hurricane in more than a decade. Read More >>

Invasive Species Known to be Resistant to Pesticides Spotted Outside in US

The whitefly is kind of cute looking as far as invasive pests go, but they’ve recently been expanding their reach and are presenting a new threat to landscapers, gardeners, and farmers in the United States. Read More >>

Florida’s Slime Coast Is a State-Sponsored Disaster

The smell hit me as soon as I opened my car door—like rancid milk mixed with dog shit. I gasped for breath as humid air descended, filling my pores with the putrid odour. Read More >>

Florida’s Disgusting Algae Bloom is Now Visible From Space

An enormous algae bloom turned Florida’s Treasure Coast a gnarly shade of green last week, and now we know just what that goopy nightmare looks like from space. On July 2nd, NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite snapped some weirdly impressionistic images of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, in which you can see billions of green microbes spawning like mad. Read More >>

A Disgusting Green Sludge is Devouring Florida’s Coast

Celebrations along Florida’s Treasure Coast were decidedly muted yesterday, thanks to a putrid, toxic algae bloom that continues to fester days after Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency. Read More >>

Just in Case You Thought That Giant Gator Was Fake

For those doubting the veracity of the giant fucking gator that traipsed across a Florida golf course earlier this week, behold: Another video of that giant fucking gator. Read More >>

Humans Hunted Mastodon in Florida Nearly 15,000 Years Ago

The discovery of ancient artefacts and mastodon bones in a submerged sinkhole shows that humans first inhabited the southeastern corner of North America 1,500 years earlier than previously assumed. Read More >>

This New Pier is Designed to Face Rising Seas

There’s no polite way to put this: Florida is screwed. In light of that, the state’s infrastructure is being cleverly adapted to the reality of climate change. Read More >>

Man Tries to Escape Police On His Hoverboard, Fails

Hoverboards are useful little tools if you want to roll closer to God or start a large fire. Increasingly though, they’re being used as getaway vehicles for criminals, which happened again this past weekend in Florida. Read More >>

Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested After Her Car Reports the Accident to Police

A Florida woman attempting to flee the scene of a hit-and-run has been dobbed in by her car. 57-year-old Cathy Bernstein took flight after colliding with a truck and a van on Prima Vista Boulevard, but was arrested after her vehicle's emergency assistance feature automatically notified the police. Read More >>

I’m Going to Kayak From Cuba to Florida

A couple of months ago a friend of mine approached me with something that sounded insane. Did I want to kayak from Cuba to Florida? I hadn’t paddled in a year, it was just a month away, and I’d just broken a rib. It was almost certainly a very, very stupid idea. So I said yes. Read More >>