Samsung ‘Flow’ Hands-On: A Continuity Clone for Samsung Devices

Samsung wants to let you sling things across all your devices – webpages, phone calls, and plenty more. Wouldn't it be great if you could hop seamlessly from one device to the next? And doesn't that idea sound familiar? Read More >>

Lexon’s Flow Is So Beautiful You’ll Forgive It For Being Just a Radio

With an endless supply of streaming media at our fingertips, who in their right mind would spend money on a radio these days? That's probably the same question Lexon's designers were asking themselves, just before they came up with the stunning design for the company's Flow FM radio. Read More >>

Try the Next-Gen SwiftKey Flow Android Keyboard for Free

The clever SwiftKey Android keyboard, which analyses your writing history to suggest the next word you might be about to type, has been updated. A new beta release adds line-drawing input to the mix, helping it challenge the popular Swype for the position as number one Android text input tool. And the beta's free to try. It has changed many lives. [SwiftKey] Read More >>

Study: We Love Facebook Because It Tricks Us Into Thinking We’re Doing Something Important

When you're perusing your Facebook account, your brain might be fooling you into thinking you're doing something incredibly creative and productive that will improve your life. If only that were true! Read More >>