You Can Build a Siphon Way Taller Than We Thought

If you’ve ever siphoned petrol from a tank, you’ll know that the height between the source and the destination of the liquid is important. But scientists have shown that the height limit of a siphon is much bigger than we thought. Read More >>

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This Crazy Machine Let Astronauts Experiment With Fluids 30 Years Ago

It might look more like an engine from an ageing car than a piece of engineering fit for space, but this machine was a pioneering piece of apparatus that allowed astronauts to experiment with fluids in space. Read More >>

Why You’re Biologically Inclined to Spill Your Coffee

Sometimes it feels like spilling coffee from your mug is inevitable. In fact, it turns out that hunch might be correct: scientists have shown that humans are biologically built to spill. Read More >>