Ikea’s Now Making Chairs the Same Way Nike Makes its Knitted Sneakers

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as wearing a sweater knit by a grandparent, right? That’s why Nike started using digital knitting machines to create its colorful Flyknit sneakers back in 2012, and why Ikea has now adopted the same technology to create a pair of chairs designed to pamper your posterior. Read More >>

Nike’s Flyknit Lunar2 Will Gently Tongue Your Toes for £135

Nike's revealed an update to its Flyknit technology, with the new lightweight Flyknit Lunar2 set to arrive in a couple of weeks. The updated 2013 Flyknit now has a Nike Lunarlon sole for really knowing about it when you stand on an ant. Read More >>

Free Flyknit: Nike’s Second Skin Running Shoe

If you're a company like Nike, what happens when you slap together two of your most innovative shoe technologies? Well, in this case, you get the Free Flyknit. Read More >>

Are These The World’s Most Comfortable Running Shoes? Maybe?

A year on, Nike's Flyknit technology continues to permeate the company's running shoe line. Today Nike announced the Flyknit Lunar1+, an ultra lightweight, all-purpose runner that combines a Flyknit upper with a cushy Lunarlon bottom. Read More >>

Nike’s New Flyknit Technology Makes Running Shoes Even More Impossibly Light

Nike is showing off its latest technology for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London and the focus seems to be: lighter, lighter and more lighter. The highlight tech was Flyknit, a sort of yarn and fabric material that is engineered to be featherweight, formfitting and virtually seamless. Read More >>