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You Can’t Even See the Plane Trying to Land Through This Impossibly Thick Fog

What the hell. The fog at Gatwick Airport was seemingly eating up any aeroplane that was trying to land on the runway. Some of the planes appeared to disappear into the unknown, never to be seen again (they were probably sent around). Others were able to land when the fog cleared up a bit, but still, that’s a scary time to be in the air. Read More >>

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This Timelapse Makes Fog Look Like the Oceans Flooding the Entire Earth

There’s not enough ice on the Earth’s polar caps to flood the entire planet should global warming turn it all into water. But sea levels will keep rising, and Danny MacRostie’s beautiful timelapse footage of fog rolling over California’s Mount Tamalpais feels like an eery sneak peek of where the world might be headed. Read More >>

Martian Acne Explained Away by “Acid Fog” Theory

A scientist trying to work out why Mars has some odd patches of lumpy rock has come up with a theory based around acidic fog, claiming that volcanic eruptions might have turned the air so bad it left deposits that melted away some of the planet's surface features. Read More >>

Why’s it So Damn Misty? It’s Down to Scary-Sounding Radiation Fog

Over the last few days, the UK has been shrouded in a thick blanket of mist, despite the hottest November day on record going down on Saturday, with temperatures reaching an unusually high 22.4°C in Wales. The fog around us has already led to the death of a driver in Staffordshire, as well as widespread travel disruption, with loads of flights around the country subjected to delays and cancellations. So what exactly is causing the chaos? Read More >>

The Tempescope Puts the Weather in a Box on Your Desk

Sure, you could just download a weather app to see what conditions are like outside your front door, but where's the fun in that? Ken Kawamoto's Tempescope actually creates rain, clouds, and simulated lightning right inside your house. It's the ultimate push notification. Read More >>

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Spectacular Dubai Engulfed By Fog Looks Like Cloud City

Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan has sent us this spectacular video of the city completely engulfed by fog. It's extremely beautiful and eerie, with the Burj Khalifa and the rest of the buildings completely detached from the ground, apparently built on clouds. Read More >>

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A Ghastly Cloud Tsunami Creeps Up on the Beach

Earlier this week, Panama City Beach, Florida was overwhelmed with a sweeping wave of fog that was not unlike a cloud tsunami. It creeped onto the beach and rolled right over buildings, giving off an almost supernatural aura. Read More >>