Leaked Video Shows the Samsung Galaxy Fold Up Close, and it’s Not Great

Samsung has been pretty cagey about letting anyone get hands-on time with the upcoming Galaxy Fold, and a new leaked video might well show us why. Read More >>

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Research Proves We Do Want Flexible Phones

The smartphone manufacturers are clearly convinced that folding phones are the next big thing, but reaction from the public has been pretty mixed, with lots of cynicism and naysaying. Read More >>

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The New Motorola Razr Foldable Phone Won’t Have Great Specs

A bit more information has emerged about the upcoming Motorola Razr folding phone, and it's not great news for anyone who was hoping for a clamshell flagship. Read More >>

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ZTE Has Another Foldable Phone on the Way

Remember ZTE's folding phone? Not many people do, but it was one of the very first foldables on the market – although admittedly because it was made up of two screens with a hinge, rather than an actual flexible display. Read More >>

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Motorola’s Foldable Phone is Indeed a Razr-Like Clamshell

We hoped, we prayed, and it seems the universe listened (for once). Read More >>

Inward-Folding Foldables are Better than Outward-Folding Foldables, Says Samsung

Despite there being lots of foldable phones on the way from various brands, Samsung and Huawei are the biggest names in foldables right now. And it seems the two companies are squaring up for a fold-off. Read More >>

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MWC 2019: The Five Biggest Takeaways from the Most Important MWC in Recent History

Even though Samsung pre-empted the next generation of new phones when it launched the Galaxy S10 just days before it officially kicked off, this year’s Mobile World Congress still felt special compared to previous shows. There was a frantic energy in the run-up to the show propelled by rumours of groundbreaking new tech and, once it was over, it felt like we had entered into a new era, both for devices and wireless communication. And even for the world’s biggest trade show for everything mobile, a lot happened in just a week. So here’s a quick summary of the five most important takeaways from MWC 2019. Read More >>

There Won’t Be a Folding OnePlus Phone Anytime Soon

While it might seem like everyone's jumping on the foldable bandwagon (hmm, that sounds unsafe), OnePlus has been fairly quiet on that front. Read More >>

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Razr Revival: Motorola is Working on a Folding Phone

Possibly the best news out of the whole of Mobile World Congress: Motorola is making a folding phone, and if it's not a Razr we will kick off. Read More >>

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MWC 2019: Oppo’s Folding Phone is Too Similar to Huawei’s

Oppo has thrown its hat into the folding phone ring, but awkwardly, it's really similar to Huawei's (phone, not hat). Read More >>

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MWC 2019: Alcatel is Doing Foldable Phones Too, and One of Them Looks Pretty Bad [Updated]

Pretty much everyone has a foldable phone these days, and that's not much of an exaggeration. Even Alcatel, the company that you might know as selling dirt-cheap smartphone that most people don't pay much attention to, has one on the way. And it looks horrible. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone is Still a Work in Progress

Earlier today Xiaomi held a press conference tied into MWC, which is set to officially begin this coming Monday. On the agenda was the Mi 9, Mi Mix 3 5G, and some fancy LED lightbulbs, but not the foldable phone we saw a video of back in January. A lot of people wondered what was up with that, especially since Huawei went and announced their foldable phone just a few hours later. In turns out it's not ready yet. Read More >>

Looks Like Another Foldable Phone is Heading to MWC

It doesn't matter whether you think you want a foldable phone or not, because the mobile industry has decided they're the next big thing. So much so that it means damn near all of them will have one on show at MWC at the end of the month. Well all the big names will have to compete with yet another, this time coming from ZTE subsidiary Nubia. Read More >>

The Folding Samsung Phone is Officially Unofficially Called Galaxy Flex

It feels like we've been waiting for the Samsung foldy phone forever, but it was actually only quite recently that we found out its cringeworthy codename, 'Winner,' in this report about internal goings-on at Samsung. Read More >>