Huawei’s New and Improved Mate Xs Reported to Launch in March

After the launch of its first foldable phone in China last year, Huawei is already prepping to release an improved follow-up with the Mate Xs, which could be hitting the market in a couple of months. Read More >>

galaxy fold
Samsung Reveals the Number of Galaxy Folds Sold Isn’t Anywhere Near a Million After All

After telling everyone how well its £2,000 foldable phone flogged a million units last year, Samsung coughs up the real figures – and they're waaaay off. Read More >>

motorola razr
Motorola Is Bringing Back the Flip Phone With an All-Display Razr Device

Motorola is bringing the flip phone back, baby: on Wednesday, Verizon announced the debut of a new Razr phone with a 6.2-inch foldable display that flips to half size. (But not before a day of leaks.) Read More >>

samsung galaxy fold
The Galaxy Fold’s Korean Launch Saw the Phone Sell Out in Minutes and Resellers Hiking up the Price

Samsung's Galaxy Fold launched in South Korea earlier this month and people have been paying extortionate prices to get themselves an imported handset. Read More >>

TCL is Debuting Foldable Phones and a New Wearable Technology This Week at IFA

TCL (or Alcatel as we know it on these shores) is bringing its smartphones and foldable devices to IFA this week ahead of their 2020 launch. Read More >>

Sony is Rumoured to Be Developing a Tablet With a Rollable Nautilus Design

Sony is rumoured to be working on foldable, rollable tablet, because if you can't fold it in half, roll it up, eat it, and crap it out when you need to make a phone call, no one's going to be interested. Read More >>

The Galaxy Fold Is Ready to Hit the Market, Says Samsung Man

After months of delays, the Samsing Galaxy Fold might actually be ready to wing its way into your clammy little hands, according to the company's display vice president, Kim Seong-cheol. Read More >>

Forget the Galaxy Fold, Samsung Is Already Dreaming About Rollable Phones

We’re a month and a half past the Galaxy Fold’s original launch date, but after Samsung delayed its debut in order to improve its durability, there’s still no concrete info regarding when the company’s bendable phone will actually go on sale. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Samsung’s Doing Everything It Can to Make the Galaxy Fold’s Crease Invisible

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold flexible smartphone-slash-tablet isn’t without tradeoffs. For one, it might be way thicker when folded than virtually any other modern smartphone – potentially as thick as a Nintendo Switch – while the way it folds is pretty awkward. And like its competitor the Huawei Mate X, it has a big old crease running right through the middle of its foldable display. Read More >>