The Escobar Phone Saga Heads to Court in Bizarre Tale of YouTube Hijacking and Fraud

What started out as an amusing case of a bizarrely-branded folding smartphone has now evolved into a legal drama. Escobar Inc, the shady phone company run by Pablo Escobar’s brother, is suing its chief operations officer for allegedly extorting the company for money and hijacking its extremely meme-worthy YouTube account. Read More >>

Samsung is Supposedly Working on a Much Cooler Sounding Folding Phone

The Galaxy Fold is an innovative device, even if many reviewers broke it almost instantly. It’s more a tablet that folds down into a phone-sized device. As someone with tiny pockets, I’d probably prefer a phone-sized device that folds down into something even smaller when not in use. Bloomberg reports that Samsung has such a device in development and is planning to launch it as soon as next year. Read More >>

LG Has No Immediate Plans to Release a Foldable Smartphone, Head of Mobile Says

If you were holding out for a folding phone from LG in the near future, you may be waiting a while. According to the company’s head of mobile communications and home entertainment divisions Brian Kwon, LG thinks it’s too soon for a such a release. Read More >>

Exclusive: EE Might be the Only UK Network to Offer the Samsung Galaxy Flex

Interesting news on the Samsung Galaxy Flex today: a tipster tells us that the folding phone is looking very much like it'll only be available at the Samsung online store and EE. Read More >>

Android Will Soon Let You Update Its Apps While You’re Still Using Them

There was plenty of Samsung buzz coming out of two individual events this week, not the least of which included the unveiling of its yet-unnamed foldable device. Another neat reveal coming out of the Android Dev Summit, however, is a feature that will allow users to continue using Android apps while they’re being updated. Read More >>

Samsung’s Getting Ready to Unveil the Folding Phone

Now that they've been beaten to the folding phone punch by lesser-known brand Royole, it seems Samsung is gearing up to show us what they've been working on all this time. Read More >>