Google is Working on its Own Foldable Smartphone, But a Release is Still Far Off

Folding phones are happening, whether you like it or not, and it seems that Google is running alongside the bandwagon waiting to either hop on, or dive out of the way should it go careening off a cliff and land in a shattered heap next to 3D TVs and other fad pieces of tech that failed to take off. Read More >>

In Its Race to Be First, Samsung Screwed Itself

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may be an incredible step forward in phone engineering, but it is unfinished. That became clear when, earlier this week, Samsung announced it was delaying the release of the phone. What was available to reviewers, analysts, influencers, and select partners was essentially a beta device — with those same people serving as beta testers. It never should have seen the light of day. Read More >>

Google’s Folding Phone Looks Like a Wallet

Everyone wants a piece of the emerging folding phone market, and unsurprisingly the Powers That G are also getting on the bendy bandwagon. Read More >>

Inward-Folding Foldables are Better than Outward-Folding Foldables, Says Samsung

Despite there being lots of foldable phones on the way from various brands, Samsung and Huawei are the biggest names in foldables right now. And it seems the two companies are squaring up for a fold-off. Read More >>

Samsung Has Two More Foldable Phones on the Way

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been divisive since its launch last month, with some people finding it a smart solution to the folding challenge and others bemoaning its large front bezels and small primary screen. Read More >>

Lego’s Announced its Own Foldable to Rival Samsung and Huawei

Those clever types at Lego have seen that we're all excited about foldable phones, and jumped on the bandwagon. Read More >>

MWC 2019: The Huawei Mate X Is Even More Exciting Than You Think It Is

By now, anyone even remotely interested in tech has probably heard about the Mate X – Huawei’s fantastically expensive bendable phone that despite launching second, somehow managed to steal the spotlight from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Read More >>

There Won’t Be a Folding OnePlus Phone Anytime Soon

While it might seem like everyone's jumping on the foldable bandwagon (hmm, that sounds unsafe), OnePlus has been fairly quiet on that front. Read More >>

TCL’s Five New Folding Gadgets Leak

It seems like everyone and their cousin is releasing a foldable phone this year, despite us not really having a clue yet whether anyone's interested in the category and whether bendy devices will sell. Read More >>

New Patent Suggests Samsung’s Folding Phone Will Have Two Batteries

The rumour that the Galaxy Flex (or whatever it ends up called) will have a battery on either side looks like it was pretty accurate, according to new patent documents. Read More >>

Whatever This Mysterious Folding Screen Phone Is, I Want It

Phones with bendable screens are coming whether you like it or not. Read More >>

Samsung’s Folding Phone Might Have A Monster Battery

Despite the many, many phones being rumoured, leaked and released right now (seriously, we're swamped), we are still doubleplus amped for the folding Samsung phone, and now we have some new tidbits to salivate over. Read More >>

The Folding Samsung Phone is Officially Unofficially Called Galaxy Flex

It feels like we've been waiting for the Samsung foldy phone forever, but it was actually only quite recently that we found out its cringeworthy codename, 'Winner,' in this report about internal goings-on at Samsung. Read More >>

We Have Our First Info About Android Q, the Foldable Phone OS

Foldable phones are well and truly happening, and Google has given us even more to be excited about with some hints about how the as-yet-unnamed Android Q will behave on the new category of device. Read More >>